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NAD lasts 5 minutes


Vox AC 4 12 -- took a chance thinking it might have decent sound from a 12. But there NO bottom end. It's just a little fuzz bomb. Previous owner had upgraded it w/ JJ tubes. Not sure what kinda Chinese firecrackers were in there before. Off to CL or some kinda trade in. Pix coming of the insides. I do want see what's in this little ankle biter before giving it the heave ho.


It takes wattage to move air, and a large speaker. I'm kinda surprised that it didn't work all that well, tho. Could the speaker be bad? Might explain the fuzziness.


Well I can't say it's fuzz at lo-volume but it's what it was designed for.

Lookit this Dogg - s**t.

However, I'm thinking a Thomas Pathfinder chassis might fit in... then a 12 thru one of those might jam.

Or be a decent extension cab. Maybe just sell the speaker and chassis. I have no qualms about parting out something like this.

Or it goes right back together for someone who will appreciate its many fine qualities.


Try a different speaker. I would bet that a 12" blue alnico Weber rated at 15 watts would sound MUCH better.


Like Vox is, they are eaten up with the 16 ohm scene.

But I have this ss pathfinder, and champ II build coming that is going in that blond cab.

So, if you don't experiment you don't learn.


Try a 15 watt Weber bass speaker. I have one in my super champ xd, made a big difference.


Yeah those AC4 combos have no bass. Not sure what you expected. Plug it into a decent cabinet and it'll open right up.

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