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Well I had hi hopes for the Roland Cube 30 Hot. Arrived today and checks the boxes (small cab w a 12 stuffed in, good reverb, good tonal range, adjustable output -- 15 w settting best for me, line out. Tone button like a brite switch, nothing i really need. Boost button of course is The Hideous Reality of Distortion and of course turning down master would make this awful, etc. but it does clean really well. Earlier Rolands had all this dogmeat modelilng, etc.

I thought I could loose a few pounds with a lighter speaker -- I am guessing this is 4 ohms. Doesn't have to be super efficient- amp has plenty of volume but something with a good lo-end response might be interesting.

So finally solid state I can live with (along with Thomas Vox)

So my kool double-Champ local build (seen by Bob Howard) eventually goes up for sale.

This buy just points out the totally sucky scene of selling commodity gear these days-- no demand. The lowest price I had seen on one of these was $325..and almost went for it. I got this for $250.


She sure is a pretty little thing. I heard one about a month ago live in a small venue. Sounded great to me. Could have been the Long Island iced teas though. Hope you enjoy it in excellent health.


These are nice amps, enjoy your new acquisition, Birdman.


Nice!! I am ordering an Artist model as soon as I get back from vacation, to replace my 60W tube gigging amp... IF it can handle it. All the reviews I've read and watched on these cubes have been stellar. Maybe Roland "cracked the code" for getting a SS amp to feel like a tube amp...


Just ordered the Roland Blues Cube Artist. Fingers crossed it's good enough to replace my current gigging amp (a Fender Supersonic 60)... which is very heavy, and honestly I think I'm done with tube amps that are not handwired... I don't have anything against PCB construction, (the Roland is!), but I want my TUBE amps to be simple, handwired affairs so I can troubleshoot and repair them myself.

That's my next stop: Swart AST Master Combo


I had one of these, but found it to be very noisy/hissy - I hope I got a bad one, and that the noise issue isn't inherent to all of them.

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