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NAD - Fender Princeton Reverb Ltd Edition Reissue


Found this 2014 Fender Princeton Reverb Limited Edition Reissue online at Elderly Instruments for a great price. It ticked all my boxes - brownface aesthetics with a 10" Jensen speaker. Per their policy, they don't ship used amps, but after speaking with one of their sales reps, I purchased their packing fee, then I arranged and covered the UPS shipping costs.

I swapped out the black witch hat knobs for brown cupcakes. I could take it a step further and swap out the raised logo for the older, flat logo, but I'll leave it for now.

While the wife was out and the pups were all outside, I cranked it up to 10 - crazy clean! Works great with pedals, too.

The Country Club sounds amazing out of it, too!


I think they have done a pretty good job of balancing vintage appeal with the Modern World we live in.


Congratulations on your new amp, Surfy! Those are great little amps, with a beautiful tone. I'm sure you will enjoy the heck out of it!


Very cool, Surfy! Enjoy!


Surfy, I don’t know why I have it ... but I do. Is this what you are thinking of slapping on that PRRI? You can have it.


Thanks, all!

That's super kind of you, Bob, I appreciate it! I have one in my parts drawer if I decide to slap it on. Normally, I'd probably do so right away, but for some reason, the modern, raised logo appeals to me on this beastie. Time will tell!

Please hang on to your logo or pass it along to someone who may need it.


That's the PRRI I wanted, but then I got one of the knotty pine ones with 12" Alnico Cream in it... THEN the came out with the Stapleton PR, but I have a hard time buying a Fender w/o Reverb... unless it's a tweed.


The knotty pine one looks great! Very nice!

I've been GASsing for the Stapleton Sig PR but it's very difficult to justify getting one when I have a '64 Princeton (tuxedo) black with cream cupcake knobs. I've seen some deals out there for as low as $1300 - $1600. Then I thought, maybe I'll get lucky and find a used Fudge PR on Reverb or music shop. Luckily, I'm on the Elderly Instruments mailing list and saw this beastie. I got it for $750, so the decision was clear for me.

I actually prefer Jensen speakers over most other brands. I'm impressed with my Eminence-designed speaker in my Excelisior Pro. I have limited experience with Celestions - my Celestion G12 Neo Creamback speakers in my blonde Fender Tone Master Twin Reverb are decent although I'd like to compare them against the Jensen Neodymium from the original Fender Tone Master Twin Reverb. I'm hoping to some day score a Vox AC15C1TV. There's one in Guitar Center's Used Section for $679 but it looks to have a nasty stain on the gray cloth.

I definitely need a Vox in my life when I can afford one.


Looks like you’re having a great week! Congrats


Nice amp; congrats. My amp tech, who is not a fan of most new production fender amps, says that regardless of the cost effective electronic components and printed circuit board, the design of these new Princeton Reverbs is the same as the original blackface ones, or very close.

I've always been curious about the new Jensen P10Q; I like the C12Q and C12N a lot, and the original Jensen Neo 12-100 is a great sounding speaker. I bet that amp sounds killer cranked up.


Thanks, guys!

The Jensen P10Q sounds glorious! When I dimed the volume earlier today, Totally clean! Amp works great with pedals, too - I used some of my overdrive, delay, and fuzz pedals - all sounded super clear and articulate.

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