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NAD - Fender Pawn Shop Vaporizer


The colour of that Mastery trem and bridge is fantastic. This thread has also been a great excuse to introduce my kids to Ren & Stimpy. Deep Joy!

– Mr Tubs

Thanks - got the Mastery FSR bridge and tremolo in a trade with a friend.

I recently swapped out the stock tubes with JJ Electronics EL84 burned-in matched pair and set of 3 JJ Electronics 12AX7 / ECC83. Also replaced the stock RCA cable with a shielded RCA cable and swapped out the small stock reverb tank with a full-sized Accutronics reverb tank - a definite improvement. I have since learned from reading on here that JJ's are crap...oh well, I'll look into swapping them out in the future.

The stock 2x10" Vaporizer speakers are 16 ohms each. I've been considering swapping them out to try some brownface-tonal speakers such as the Jensen Vintage Ceramic 10" C10Q 35W 16 Ohms or the Jensen Vintage Alnico 10" P10Q 40W 16Ohms. Each has interesting characteristics and the P10Q sounds like it may be closest to the brownface early '60s Fender Super amp tone.

Forgive my lack of speaker knowledge - based on their descriptions, are ceramic speakers more glassy/brittle than alnico speakers? Might explain the price difference (C10Q @ $57.46 and the P10Q @ $136.50).

I'm basically trying to get this to sound as brownface 2x10" -ish as possible so that I can avoid the vintage bug/temptation of buying an old Fender Super, while completely understanding that other internal stock components might make it unlikely to ever get close to the brownface tone.


I considered the Vaporizer, and finally saw a used one in a guitar shop in Dallas.

It was much bigger than I expected.

I have a lot of amps already, so I passed. I did not even try it.

I did have the Excelsior, and it had the annoying "hiss/hum" as well when I turned it up.

I loved the sound of the amp regardless, but sold it to a friend.

As for the Vaporizer, I will try it the next time I see one in a shop, new or used!



Decided to go for the Jensen P10Q 40 Watt/16 Ohm speakers. I'll follow up once I have them installed.


I love it. I'm a firm believer that the best guitar/amp is the one that makes you want to play it. Despite where it lives on the financial/respectability scale...if it makes you want to pick it up and play, it's the right one.


all i have to say is that y'all know what i pictured for a Fender Pawn Shop Vaporizer, and i'm not talking about one of those electric steam kettles your mom put by you when you were sick in bed.


nah, a cannabis ingestion device.

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