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NAD: Fender Champ II


Scooped this up well below going rate. Around 12 watts thru a 10, in a Chanp sized case.. what's not to like? Well DOGMEAT master volume and hideous midrange pull boost but if you leave that alone, it's a nice clean sounding amp ...loud enough for anything I do. Set a Holy Grail Nano on top, Boss trem on the flloor, U got it made.


Cool! I had one of those in the early 80s when I bought it new.Great little beasts. I used to run it in stereo with my Mesa Boogie MK2b.Fun times!


I believe those were designed by Rivera in the early 1980's. I have a Concert II that's a great tube amp. These were the last PTP wired amps Fender ever made.


No Fender amps were PTP after the 1940's. You're confusing that with eyelet boards. Those Rivera amps weren't the last Eyelet board Fender amps either. In any case, eyelet board vs PC board isn't the deal breaker here...poor design was the culprit. After 1980, they quit basing their amps on the 1960's circuits, but by then they didn't have anyone who understood how to design tube amps.


1940's?? Typo Billy? I believe you meant 1980?


1940's?? Typo Billy? I believe you meant 1980?

– Windsordave

If my understanding is correct, these days, people refer to almost any hand soldered amp as having, 'point to point' construction. True 'point to point' does not use any type of circuit board. It involves soldering one component directly to another, with grounding points on a chasis and bridging resiistors on tube sockets of course. Correct me if I'm mistaken.

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