Which is twangier? T’Armonds or Duncan Dynasonics?


Just what the topic says. I'm not looking for all the other accolades, just wondering which one is truer to a twangy Dynasonic (maybe neither! ). Thanks!


Its subjective.. I grew up playing original DeArmond slug pickups and the T-armonds grab that sound but are absolutely not microphonic and can handle various fuzz, distortion and overdrive very well if need be. That said, you can sort of choose what measure of "Twang" you want from them with the pots you marry them too.
Its subjective to the application in my opinion. Billy Zoom shares that he likes 1meg linear pots with dynas staying true to originals, and that would make sense to me in a duojet with heavy drum laminate over the top of the instrument with a routed mahogany body.There is balance there..

but its a different story in an all maple bodied gretsch, good lordy that is bright bright bright! Even in my tele that is all sugarpine, I want a different set of pots with the dyna pickupI'm happy with 500K log pots w a .005 polystyrene cap across the wipers, and a 300K gibson tone pot with oil n foil tone cap.


Both are quality interpretations of a DeArmond pickup, the Duncan probably a little bit closer to being a replica of the originals. The TV Jones version is more affordable though - if you look long and hard and get lucky, you could find some originals for around the price of the Duncans.

As to which is twangier...? too many variables, starting with the player, and then the guitar they're on, strings, amp,....


The T'Armonds seem a little brighter and articulated (but barely) to the SD's in Proteus' shootout. My '57 jet has a matched pair of 1961 Guild D'Armonds and it does sound closer to the SD's, but I hear less of a difference; could be the body routing and of course, old wood. What nocturnebrain.com said about BZ's drum wrap top (not to mention the plastic on the Melitta) to deaden the bright makes a lot of sense. I'm just glad we have so many choices available today.


They both twang, but Seymour's are loud and rude like the originals. Tom's are smooth and well behaved like a modern pickup, but with twang.


Tavo, the magnets on a T-Armond are shorter than on an original, yes.


Tavo, the magnets on a T-Armond are shorter than on an original, yes.

– WB

back of Tvjones T-armond


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