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NAD Fender Blues Deluxe


So I've been looking for a new amp for quite awhile,nothing specific just a good quality amp that I could enjoy for many years to come.Even though my crappy little solid state Vox did the job, I would constantly get drowned out when I jammed with my buddies. So I picked up this amp last nite out in Ventura County off Craiglist.1 hour plus drive,uggh.

I got home around 11 pm plugged In and,, WOW!

A 1993 Made in the USA Fender Blues Deluxe in very good shape for its age.The previous owner took very good care of it and rarely played it.It sounds amazing and Jesus is this thing LOUD. Im in Love with it.so far!


Hey Manny, congrats. Those are nice. :) :)


Congrats, I've been thinking of trading my hot rod deluxe for one of those. I've heard how good a Gretsch can sound through them and they have enough volume for a live situation.



The best part,I only paid $400.


Yes Secret Agent, I only got it up to 2 1/2 and it was VERY Loud,and Yes ,I also heard they can be played at gigs without a hitch.

Its a beautiful piece of equipment for sure.I still got a huge smile on my face from when I plugged the Annie into it and played it this afternoon.


I had one for about 5 years, definitely loud enough to gig with. I don't think mine ever got above 4. Except outdoors.


that is way nice. ive been wanting a fender amp for a while now but i always miss out on the deals. congrats


Cool amp, congrats. i love mine too.


Yup I have one of those also! It doesn't get used much now, but it is a nice backup to my Playboy. Link... Here are me and my sons playing at Valparaiso university. This was my first 6120 and the Blues Deluxe. I was using a Dano Reel Echo also.


Love that amp and that price is rediculous. Congrats and happy NAD Manny!

I found the clean range on my BDRI a bit hard to control (2-3), so I replaced the V1 with a 5751. The clean-ish range now extends up to about 4 or 5. Since that tube lowers the gain in the preamp a bit, it will "ruin" your drive channel though (I never use it). Be sure to get NOS though (I have GE). I found the EHX to be a bit thin sounding, while the GE kept its warmth even at lower volumes.

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