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NAD - Great Sounding Super Light Solid State


DV Mark 40w 12" - Never even heard of these before 2 weeks ago. Solid state with great tone!

12" Neodymium speaker sounds great.

Very nice reverb. Has overdrive channel Some people seem to like it. I haven't used it yet. Made in Italy.

Weighs in at under 20#! Gotta love that!

$400 all in during GC 4th of July sale.


There's been increasing discussion of these over on TDPRI as of late, lots of curiosity being generated.


A lot of stuff on Youtube about these — I like the idea of this 250W head, maybe coupled up to a 2x12 cab with neo speakers. I've had to do a lot of heart searching lately about the backline stuff I lug about — generally it's becoming too old and heavy for an old git like me. My bass player has some Mark Bass gear and it sounds fine — for bass. I've been impressed by quite a lot of solid state guitar gear when I've tried it in-store, but it's what it might sound like cranked up in a band that always makes me walk away. I keep being told to try a Quilter. Maybe one day.


I'm not in a band and live in a condo. So not much cranking going on, but I definitely am an old git!

I have had a few solid states... Rolands, Vox, Line 6, ZT. But none ever really sounded right. This one does, at least to me. Warm, responsive, dynamic. Great with Tele and ASAT single coils.

I've got a BJr for when I'm itching for that, but I bought this more for my room to room daily player and occasional jam.

Love this one so far. And the 20# weight is a huge bonus for an old fart like me!


I have a DV Mark Little Jazz and it sounds great! +1 for the DV Marks!


Came close to pulling the trigger quite a few times but not sure it would sparkle enough. That is the one thing that kept me away from the Quilter. It just seems on the dark side. But again I have hearing loss and can't quite ever get enough treble.


I have a Quilter Tone Block 200 for sale on Reverb. If you're interested, hit me up directly here.

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