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Gretsch 6120 Conversion Final Part


Hi everybody. We discussed the final part of my 6120 conversion in another thread a while back but the article has just been added to Guitar & Bass Magazine's website.

So if you fancy reading all about it, you can find it here.


That is drop-dead gorgeous! Well done, sir.


A thing of beauty! I'll bet your proud and happy.


Now that is what you call proper click bait. Talk about green with envy.


I really enjoyed reading this final part Shuggie. Really amazing work and what a great guitar it has become!
I hope you'll enjoy playing it for a long time!


A most amazing odyssey. I've enjoyed reading this so much and your craft and attention to detail is inspiring.


Spectacular,congrats again Huw!


Bought the mag and read the article recently, great stuff!

So, after living with it for a while, what's the verdict so far?


Thanks fellas.

I'm really thrilled with it and I've been playing it a lot. But it has taken a lot of work, effort and learning to get it playing right.

I managed to bend the Space Control bridge into more of an arc to match the board radius and it's pretty much spot on now.

And just when you think you have all the buzzes and sitaring sorted out, it starts up again. In the end I ran Superglue into the bridge's string wheels to lock 'em solid. It's behaving itself now and I like the sound of the bridge, but I'm almost certainly going to pin it.

The other thing was setting up the Filtertrons because I found they're incredibly sensitive to height and polepiece adjustment. The bridge has a maple shim between the magnet and the base plate now and the poles are adjusted for as even a string-to-string balance as I can get.

Yesterday I was recording a band and it made its first appearance on record since its restoration/conversion played through a '63 Vox AC10. That was a real thrill.

So all in all a work in progress still, but I'm loving it.


Great guitar, and very talented work, but it looks naked to me without the mud switch.


Beautiful work, Shuggie!


Fantastic work... what a guitar!


Great guitar, and very talented work, but it looks naked to me without the mud switch.

– Otter

That's one of the endearing features of its looks! wink, wink.

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