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NAD!! clean early ‘67 Pathfinder arrives


Cant' believe how loud this little guy is. Has the usual replaced jewel -- they all fell out. Got the original tag.. I had a stand, so all I need is an original cover.

Gotta get a 3 prong cord on, .. it's got some hi end hiss to quiet down. Wicked strong trem and way more tonal range in treble and bass than Fender.

Is either freaky clean original grill cloth or replaced. Still would like to open it up for a good quality 10. I have 3 Eminence 4 ohm 10s.. .keep one, sell a pair.

Still waiting for comparably clean tube model (single 6BQ5) to show up.... they were a good 4 watts less.


How do ya think one of these heavy 4 ohm Eminence (private label) 10s would sound in there ?


Congratulations! I'm a fan of the Thomas Vox amps too - I'd love to find a stand for my Cambridge Reverb. Three prong cord conversion is straight forward; you'll probably need a bigger strain relief collet where the cord goes through the chassis, but that's the biggest challenge I found.


I have a 1965 Vox pacemaker (tubes) and a 1967 Cambridge Reverb ( Solid State ) I have to admit that the Solid State has a way better tremolo, lot more volume and a great sound. Only problem, If I play too loud the sounds of the attack seems to come "late" Sagging ??? Both are 18 Watts. But i wish the tubes model has the same volume and tremolo of the SS one.


Yes Pacemaker same as Cambridge but without reverb. There were output differences between tube and solid state versions.

Now I have a Holy Grail on top of it and so it sounds even better.

GC has a few decent deals on Pacemakers right now.


I'm not familiar with those Eminence speakers. I've got two ss Cambridge Reverbs, a '66 V1031 with the original British Vox speaker and a '67 V1032 with a Warehouse 10" - the stock gold bulldog speaker didn't sound very good to me and I wanted a higher efficiency speaker.


The gold oxfords weren't the greatest thing in history, but ok enough. There are these 8" JBLs I am curious about but really from experience I know a 10 in here is the way to go.


Magic in a Vox.

– Powdog

I can attest to that! I have the silver version in my AC4TV


Try combining a silver and blue in a 2x10 cab. Just flat out amazing.


A while back, Avatar speakers in Idaho was liquidated their supply of these 10" UK made Bulldogs. Not a huge magnet, but very solid sounding. I put these in AC4 builds and used them to replace OEM speakers. Nice inexpensive upgrade. I just wish I had bought them all.

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