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NAD ‘62 Fender Bassman


Thanks, Dave, plays like a dream and has an awesome mid-60s C neck. Very happy with it.


Great Amp & Jag! One of those Amps is on my list too.

Recently my old High School Surf Band "THE REDONDOS" reformed to record an Album. I played my AV 65 Jag & Jazzmaster thru my Twin & DRRI.

I would've loved to have had one of those Blond Bassman Amps!




This is "Summer Girl". One of our songs from the Album. I lived inland & we Surfed the Beaches from San Diego to Santa Cruz.

My brother & his best friend Davy started the Band & gave it the name Est. '63. We went to EUHS Lake Elsinore. Did a lot of Water Skiing too!




Hey guys, I have another question for ya regarding my Bassman amp:

I recently commissioned Bob at BeaverBottoms amps to build me a 1x15 tone ring cabinet for a single JBL D-140F 15" speaker I have to use with my '67 Fender Showman head. It sounds great, but I'm likely going to sell the Showman head as I prefer my '62 Fender Bassman and at this point, I don't really need both. I plan on hanging onto the new 1x15 cab.

The '62 Bassman info: 6G6-A 125A13A 606202 (as noted in an earlier post here)

According to the Fender Amp Field Guide, Speakers/Load for the 6G6-A should be:

2 x 12"/4 ohms (8 ohms each in parallel)

After looking at The Fender Amp Field Guide and Ampwares, is it safe to use the '62 Bassman with the 1x15 tone ring cabinet with the single JBL D-140F 15 inch speaker (8 ohms)?

I'm currently using a 2x12 cab with 12" Jensen Vintage Ceramic C12N speakers with the Bassman, which sounds awesome but I like having the option to run the 1x15 with the Bassman if it won't do any harm.


A '62 Bassman runs at 4 ohms which is good news for what you want to do with other speaker cabs. An amp that's looking for 4 ohms won't mind an 8 or 16 ohm speaker. Only thing you want to watch out for is a 2 ohm load.


Cool! Thanks very much, MLScola, I really appreciate it!

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