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NAD - 1964 Deluxe


I bought Ryan’s 1964 Fender Deluxe and, I gotta tell ya, this thing is marvelous. It feels very powerful. I’m a little (pleasantly) surprised at how aggressive it is.


Nice score, Bob!


a kool no logo, Elect Instrument model. Loud 22 watts-- they squeezed as much output from 2 6V6 as was possible.


I love the sound of these amps. Congratulations!


Perfect ratio ca. Too. Looks amazing. I’m desparetly trying to buy / trade my non verb Princeton back off my mate. He responded that he’ll take my 61 reverberocket as a trade... I’m thinking about it


Looks great - congrats!


Everything sounds great through these amps. Only change I did for mine was to slow the vibrato down a bit. Congrats on a great amp.


Nice! Glad to see the old jet in action too!


Such a good sounding and cool looking amp. They knew how to make these sound good back in the days.

Would you post more pics please? We don't see these around often.


Jason Isbell swears by this amp too. He had the mysterious Dumble work some magic on it. He shows it off here:


Thanks, guys. I’m thrilled. It seems to want me to play...nasty, for lack of a better word. I love that.

Themidnighter, here are more pix.


Here it is with my Swart looking on. Should it be worried? I assured it that when I want to play a sweet, unagressive sound, I’ll turn to the Swart.

I now have no more GAS forever. I have every musical toy I will ever want...again.


Till the next one... Thanks for the sweet pics. Lovely amp. These WGS speakers are incredible for the price.


One of my favorite Fender amps, ever! There is a great vibe about the non-reverb Deluxe.


Yer tellin’ me. I’m finding out.


Cool amp Bob,congrats sir!


Congrats, Bob! I hope you enjoy your '64 Deluxe as much as I'm loving my '60 Vibrasonic!


Thanks, Josh and JC. Thanks, Steve. I’d like to hear that Vibrasonic some day.


I’m happy you are enjoying the amp Bob, don’t make me regret selling it! Is that Klon on your pedal board?


Yep. A Josh-built Klon clone. I cajoled it out of him with an offer he couldn't refuse. I have an Atomic Brain, the Klon, a tc electronics Flashback, a Strymon Flynn and my old DOD Phasor. The rest come and go, but these are regulars.


I also have a Josh built Klon Klone, he does a nice job on them.


Paul (RedRocker) Shannon has one. As far as I know, these are the only three he made so far, though I could be wrong.


Love the Flint. It doesn't do both things extremely well for anybody that want the real spring sound, but boy, it does make a great reverb and trem sound to me. Possibly the only pedal I still really use.

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