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NAD! 1960 Fender Vibrasonic


Loving the 15" speaker! Pairs up quite nicely with my '64 Fender Reverb Unit, too.

As described by the seller on Reverb:

Early 1960 Brown Tolex Fender Vibrosonic. Freshly re-coned original D-130 JBL. A few caps have been changed, see photos and there are photos of the transformer numbers. Overall a very clean example of the rare Brown Tolex Vibrosonic. ((Seller misspells Vibrasonic))

I'd love to show the seller's photos on Reverb as he has a lot of internal shots but I can't seem to copy the images. I don't know if this link will work but it's my purchase result link that has photos.


I'm going to bring it into my guitar tech (also a guru with old amps) to replace the 2-prong plug with a 3-prong plug (I'll save the 2-prong plug if I ever have to sell the amp...not likely!).

I moved the Vibro King to the other side of my home office...


Beauty! Does that have the "harmonic" vibrato? Either way, there's nothing else quite like a 15 with tremolo.


That is one beautiful amp. Wow! It would go nicely with my modern D-130F equipped Gretsch Executive.

Congratulations. Enjoy!


Thanks, guys! Yes, it has the harmonic vibrato according to ampwares - Link.


That sure is a beauty!! How do your Gretsches like that 15" D130F? When you get a chance, please let us know how an A/B with the Vibro King goes. You have the perfect opportunity to give us a clear comparison between 3x10" vs 1x15" with identical settings and the same guitar.


I love a JBL 15.


Sweet addition, no doubt. Everything good and nothing bad there!


NIce looking amp! I don't if it's just the photos but it look like the dustcap is pushed in on the JBL If it is you can use tape to pull out carefully


that is a fine looking crew! congrats!


nice! and it was the most expensive amp in their lineup at the time -- more than the Showman


Now that’s a guitar room!


Very nice. 5-preamp tubes, mid-1960 transition from center volume controls and pulse adjust to standard controls and no pulse adjust. Still retains the tweed grill and sharp edge on the top of the cab. Correct brown dogbone. No doubt sounds killer.


The Magnatone folks call it "pitch shifting vibrato"


SCORE, SNORRE! That is very sweet. Congrats!


Nice amp. I had one for a while and it sounded beautiful. As I recall, it was the first brownface model introduced.


That is a very nice amp and I am sure it will give you many hours of pleasure. I bought a 1962 Pro a year and a half ago and it has turned into my #1 amp. I have a Altec in mine and a Fender reverb on top. Looks like you have that one covered too. I also have a 1966 Gemini II with a JBL. I do like my 15" speakers too. thanks John


That's a pretty rare amp in great shape, and it was very expensive when new! Great oldschool steel guitar amps.


I like 15 inch speakers. You did well. Congrats


Looks great, congrats!


Oh man, that's beautiful. I haven't played these brown amps at all that much but I when I hear them I know I would love them.


Thanks, all! I was planning on making a demo video today to post but unfortunately, I'm going to be delayed until I receive a new Fender One Button Vintage RCA Plug Footswitch in the next week or so. Bought used, the Vibrasonic did not come with the original footswitch. I'm hoping it might resolve an issue I'm having.

The Vibrato side's Speed, Intensity, and Presence don't seem to be functional, although the Volume, Treble, and Bass all work fine. I'm thinking maybe with the RCA plug footswitch (modern footswitches do not work on the Vibrasonic), I'll be able to get those functions enabled.

Considering I rarely ever use these functions on any other of my amps that may have them, I'm clearly out of my depth as to what may be the issue but I thought that the footswitch would be the first thing to try.

If anyone knows of another workaround to get these functions working, I'd appreciate any and all help.


Wow! Congratulations on a fabulous amp.... And that is an incredible playroom you have...!!


Did you ever get this worked out? No need for a footswitch. Put a plug in and attach the 2 poles together. If it's RCA, cut one off that old VCR cable and twist the wires together. If it's 1/4" bridge it inside the plug and just stick it in. I had a bridged RCA stuck to my speaker magnet for years because I didn't want to bother with the footswitch.

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