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I just scored a strange Bassman Amp built into a custom, one piece cabinet and it has all the attributes of an Oxford brown gill cloth amp with the white knobs, Presence knob and everything else ,, but, it has the Deep Channel switch on the Bass Instrument side; and a Bright switch on the Normal side like the mid 60's Bassman Amps ,, and the Face plate, even though brown like a 62-3, says "Fender Musical Instruments", instead of "Fender Electric Instruments ,, but sounds killer! and looks old.

Mystery Amp?

It is one piece and I'm sure had been custom made that way and has 2 X 12" off brand custom speakers.

Is it a transitional head?

It does have the Presence Knob too ,,

I won't be able to take it home though till 4/16 cause it's on hold a Guitar Center till the expiration Police hold protocol date.

I got it yesterday and just sounds Fantastic and has plenty of Power, headroom :)

Guitar Center labels it as a 1997 but I'm sure that is wrong and got for a little over $700.

Definitely Vintage and Sounds like it : )


Pix or it doesn't exist

Sometimes trolling GC used/vintage turns up some good deals.


There were some brown tolex/brown panel/flat logo piggy back Bassmans, I know cause a friend had one way back in the late 60s.


I will get pictures ASAP ,, but I have to WAIT till 4/16/ 2018 to get it out of storage at GC.

It's that Police Policy hold thing they have ,,

If I make another trip way down there, I live pretty far away though, I'll do it sooner is I can?


I hear you about pictures though : )



It definitely was customized ,via, the one piece combo.

It may have been a Bassman Ten, worked on to be an early 60's Oxford amp and converted to 2 X 12'' speakers ,,, and the Master Volume converted to a "Presence Knob? but left with the bright switch on the Normal and the Deep switch on the bass side (Blackface specs) but added a brown re-vintage panel and really looks authentic, old. and the cabinet and everything re-tolexed to the vintage cream color like on those early 60's amps with the Oxford brown grill gloth throughout.

The grill cloth and brown tolex, looks authentic ,, not just a copy.

Maybe it was really done right!

Re- spec-d?

The head part looks exactly like a Vintage Amp though except the bright switch on the Normal side and Deep Bass switch on the Bass Channel and says "Fender Musical Instruments" but all the originals say Electric ,,

I don't know?

Just a theory upon research.

It may have the guts of real 60's?

Very very Interesting Amp for sure and got some attention for being out just a short time on the floor and sounds Fantastic.

I have it on hold now in the back of GC.

I don't have pictures yet because I have to wait till 4/16 ,, in order to take it home.

Geoffrey E Stich wrote:

The sales guy says it's a 97 but that doesn't seem right?

Maybe in 1997, it was converted?

Who knows?

I'll have it in my place on or after 4/16 ,,

As it is, does sound Fantastic, full, rich, sweet, has that early 60's vibe to it ,, I have some 1962 Oxford Brown Bandmasters so know that sound, vibe, etc. ,, : )

It still may be a winner, whatever it is ,,


Faceplates and Tolex are available, as are cabs of all types. You'd have to get inside of the amp to tell the full story, and maybe even not then. Still, it all really depends on the sound.


Yes, repro parts have been readily available for a long time. You can make anything look like anything. But still sounds like a decent deal.


Yes, repro parts have been readily available for a long time. You can make anything look like anything. But still sounds like a decent deal.

– DCBirdMan

Yep. Probably a mongrel, but that doesn't mean it doesn't sound and look great.

Switches and a presence knob on the faceplate? Bizarre-o.

Definitely need pix.


I hear all you guys ,,,

Thanks! : )

When I pick it up, I'll send more details, pictures, maybe a video ,,

I just saw it yesterday for the first time and right away, kind of took a liking to it ,, (and, so did several other people in the place)

I didn't want this "Fish" to get away so I put a down payment on it.

I, and my buddy, played it enough to know that it sounded quite good and maybe needs a little clean up, tlc, maybe a new 7025 or so, microphonic? ,,

Later, plugging the same guitar(s) thru some of the other amps on the floor, like a couple of reissue Fender Twins, Blackface and 68 reissue, which aren't bad ,, this odd ball Bassman seemed to walk all over them ,,

Good sign ,, :)


The chassis and transformer codes will tell the story, unless someone went to a lot of trouble.



I had a chance to go down again to GC, San Jose and visit the amp.

I took some videos this time :)

It really really sounds good though at least to me and that's what counts ,, :)

I'm really intrigued on it's history though?

I theorized that it have been a Bassman 10 Converted but the cabinet is not as wide ,, I saw one the other day also in a store,

Almost seems like an old Concert amp too (cabinet) but maybe a little taller?

*Probably a Custom cabinet build and well tolexed?

I'm wondering where it was made and all that too, etc. ?

Still needs a little TLC ,, but ,, : )

Has attributes in the back of an old chassis (see video and the plug)

,,, "QUOTE"

(" Still learning about this amp, I'm getting,

I still have to wait till 4/16/2018 before I can pull it out due to protocol hold at Guitar Center.

Sounds wonderful though and very Vintage, Mojo, Sweet and powerful.

Buzzes of ground noise though on and off ,, but that could be the lights, electricity inside the building and/single coil pickup thing at GC.

Has a lot of attributes of a real vintage amp even though there are some AB673 characteristics in it too.

Obviously it is a Custom Project but Well Done.

The Sales guy at Guitar Center says it's a 1997 cause it says that inside?

Maybe that's when it was built or modified?

I put up a picture video dissertation of the amp.

May still need a little TLC but I LIKE IT!

It's a "Mystery" Amp! ?

One of the transformers say: 022699; and 606 - 5 - 02.

The speakers are "Swamp Thang", Patriot", Eminences.

(See video) " )

I got it for a good price so can't complain ,,, : )

Also, it will make a great Bass amp cause I play Bass on some light gigs too ,,


Also, the "Presence knob" doesn't seem to have much effect?

I'm wondering it it's just cosmetic?

When I get the amp home on 4/16 ,, I'll open up the chassis and see more ,, : )


My guess is a later Silverface done up like a blonde, like this one:


That "Presence" knob would have been a Master Volume, maybe disabled in this one. If someone went through all the effort to change the cosmetics, it's likely they modded the innards too. These are easy to work on, and ripe for all sorts of tone tweaking.

Still a fine amp, and a looker too! Enjoy!


Very god point, Otter ,,,

Many Thanks! : )

What's trippy, is that the plug outlet in the back looks, so old! (Actually, back in the real vintage days, the outlets would have been 2 prongs anyway ,, so that makes it post 60's?)

Doing the detective work - Lol! :)

Transformer code should tell a little bit too ,, 022699; 606 - 5 - 02 ?


I think Otter's right about this being a modified 70s master volume Bassman. Transformer is a Schumacher, date code is second week of 1975, which suggests it was a Bassman 50, not the later, ultralinear Bassman 70. The main thing is if it sounds good and the price is right!


Thanks, Mel ,, Otter ,,

I was thinking that too : )

I looked up transformers on Google and saw some of that info too and judging from everything else, I bet both of you are right.

Can't wait to open it up on or after 4/16.

The Amp sounds Killer, except there's a ground buzzing noise frequently when I tried it out again this afternoon.

Sort of softer, then louder, then in between, then really quiet at times too but enough to look into?,

I wonder if it's just that Guitar Center building or maybe the Filter Caps underneath the amp need to be replaced?? ,,,

I made up a compositional video with the first part LIKE ABOVE; then a short sample of me playing a new American Professional Strat into the Normal Channel out on the floor ..

That will be forth coming ,,,

I have a much longer video too of me going through both Channels, Bass and Normal sides, and playing around with the switches on each and the tone controls ,, more buzzing in this but then it subsides a little in the Bass Channel, then when I pulled the guitar out it buzzed by itself for abit ,, so, it's still a Mystery Amp?

Also, I heard from someone that when they first got it in last week, they had to really clean it up cause it was very dirty.

Also, the tubes, just from peeking inside look old and there are no covers for the tubes.


Hope the buzzing is an easy fix?


Home brew mod to mid-70's Bassman head. Aftermarket cabinet and faceplate. We'd have to see the inside to know how well it was done...hopefully better that the spray adhesive for the Tolex.

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