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My new amplifier, RIVERA SEDONA LITE 55


Hello everyone, waiting to upload a video to wish you Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, I share with you the latest addition to my home. The fantastic Rivera Sedona Lite 55 Split.

I always loved the sound and style Of Doyle Dykes, here is my acoustic sound today may be closer to his.

Tried a few hours at home with my Taylor 814ce, what to say, NEVER HEARD BEFORE TODAY AN ACOUSTIC guitar SOUND SO FULL-BODIED AND HOT.

Special thanks to Doyle Dykes and the Rivera family.

A presto, PAOLO.


Congrats! The Sedona is (IMHO) the best acoustic guitar amp made, and its secret is its other channel is a great electric amp, too. I have the Sedona 100, a sizable (to put it mildly) beast with a 15" JBL and 100 watts. Tone like no other. Enjoy yours.


I have the non-split version. Sounds fantastic!!!

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