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Multivox Premier 71 redoux


Here in DC, there are a few Link amps reputed to be still floating around down in Southern Maryland, just a quick trip down 301.

Always liked those colored knob Premiers

– DCBirdMan

Wonder why they're around that area, maybe due to the original distribution?


....and watch out for any models with holes punched in the tweeters


Fitting the grill.


If Flash Gordon played guitar, he'd use this amp


Fitting the vintage Jensen 15” and 3.5” speakers.


Finished the re-cap of the amplifier today. Tomorrow the control panel.


Finally getting the new cab covered. Using book binding cloth, which is likely what the original was covered in. Very thin woven fabric, it’s not as forgiving as Tolex and doesn’t stretch at all. No cheating with this stuff.


What happens at the seam between the colors - is it cut perfectly to butt against each other, or something more tricky? Just curious.


Well.....I’d hardly call it perfect.

Like the original (and many Fender tweed amps) the amp is covered using two front panels with a 1/2” overlap and four side panels with the same overlap. Lots of masking tape and straight edges involved.


wow, that's great! I'd call it perfect enough.


Fitting the new cabinet. The rear panel and Pullman loops for the handle were borrowed from the original cabinet for a little added voodoo.


Well, the Premier 71 restoration is finally done. New cabinet including the stainless radar grill, speaker recone and NOS tube lineup. The tremolo on these amps is crazy. On the way to England to be used in Vince Ray’s new band.

Get ready to RUMBLE.


Man, that's creamy and yummy!


Video? That is absolutely marvellous !


Excellent work! I love it.

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