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There seems to be a whole constellation of AC-4s -- I got interesting in this one because it has a 12. Anyone have one/tried one. I'm only interested in the clean sound side of it -- also wonder why like Vox of Old they are getting into the 16 ohm scene.



Ok -- thanks. Also they have that one above and then they're making a big deal about the 'handwired' AC 4 which is twice the price... from Vietnam. How much better? Worth it or just hype?


It's my understanding that tubes "like" a heavier load, and transistors a lighter one. My modern AC15 is 16 Ohm, and I think AC30s are as well. We had some Altec PA horns that had 32 ohm drivers, and woofers were all 16 ohm as well. On the solid state end of things, most large PA systems are 2 ohm, and Delco/Bose speakers are 1/2 ohm.

The other reason VOX is using 16 ohm speakers could be tradition. Hand wiring means that it can be fixed far easier than a PCB.

For home/recording use, I like small amps. VOX and Gretsch are a great combination.


I have an AC4TV 1x10 from 2010 or so. I replaced the stock speaker with a Weber Alnico 10 Silver Bell. I'm very satisfied with the tone, but there's almost no clean to speak of, even in the full 4 watt mode. I think it's the 200k plate resistors in the preamp.


The original '60s JMI Vox amps came with a 3 ohm speaker.

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