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Modded amp never delivered from Round Rock Texas.


Hi Gretsch lovers,

I did not want to bother you with this, but I am desperate. If someone from around the Round Rock area can help, it would be great.

I bought a Fender Blues JR that would be modded with Billm mods from Bob More, who sold many of these off ebay according to his feedback. I paid in full, had email contact and all of a sudden he never responds anymore. Last contact was 5 months ago. He is no longer ebay member now.

He had a store called centexparts, however all information is gone from the internet except his old feedback rating in ebay.

His adress was

Robert More 104 S. Lampasas St. Round Rock, Texas 78664 USA

He moved, just before all emailcontact stopped.

I tried to call a company called autocool, that was connected to him, but got to a machine.

Does anyone know Robert More, or can anyone help me in any way?

I would love to play my 120th Annie and my Tenny through this amp here in the Netherlands...

Thanks, Heimen.


The address shows up as AC Authority. 512-218-0722


Check with your local customs people too. He may have shipped it and it may be sitting waiting for you to pay duty fees.


Hello Nobody, I called AC authority (AC stands for Autocool), that is were I had the answerings machine on the line.

Wenzel, this Amp had to be modded and a new tranformer had to be added for 220V. In the last mail I got (from his "son", who never responded anymore later) his son said the Amp was at another tech because Robert (Bob) was in the hospital because of heart problems and that the last step, changing the transformer had to be done.

So customs is not likely.

Does anybody know anyone that lives in Round rock? If that person is willing to check the old Lampassas street adress and the new (also on the AC website, 1200 Martin Avenue)to see and ask what happened.

I have a feeling that Robert might have passed away.

Thanks, Heimen.


I was in Texas not too long ago, I was real close to Round Rock too..

Had I known, I would have definately checked it out.

Sorry I can't help


Well, Thanks anyway HillbillyWolf. If you ever get near....


I may be in Round Rock on Friday, the 15th. If I am, I will make an attempt to go by those addresses and see what I can find.


Wow Mike. That is really great. I would really appreciate that. I hope this leads to something....:nice::nice::nice::nice:


Hello Mike, I hope you will have time to go there today. If so, keep me posted.



I went by the Lampasas Street address.... It's an empty lot, the building was torn down 4 or 5 months ago, according to a helpful young lady in a store across the street.

I next went to the Martin Street address. A/C Authority is there, and I spoke to Bob More. He said it's waiting on the "export 220 volt transformer." He said it would be done in several more weeks. I didn't get any vibes about his credibility one way or another.



+1 for you Mike for doing a good turn for someone...


if that's not worh a +1, i don't know what it...good man!


Holy smoke!! Thanks, guys. Anybody else need a favor? :grin:


No kidding. That's outstanding, Mike.

So I wonder why the guy has forgotten how to communicate with someone whose personal property and money he is holding.


Dunno. I'm hoping my visit will produce some results now that someone local has shown up asking questions.


Mike, This is wonderful. You are the greatest. So Bob is still there.I wonder why he is so inresponsive to email. He said the "few weeks" tranformer thing before.

Lets wait, i will keep you all posted. I voted you up too, and I will send you something else too when this works out.This is really great.

Mike thanks again.



Just to keep you all posted: Mike helped me a lot, talking to Bob More twice. The second time around Bob told him the Amp was in the back of the garage, however the power transformer had to be put in, and it would be sent. I asked Mike to pick up the amp, no matter what when he was near. Unfortunately Mike wasn t able. If anyone is near Round Rock, a visit might help me get my amp if Bob still has it.... (I paid more than a year ago..) Thanks for any help.


You may want to file a report, if you sent it across state lines and shipped it, it is fraud. I think you can find someone and file Federal charges. Call the local Police there and explain. Did you send UPS or what? Did anyone get a phone number for you?


I tracked the guy down to a Robert Colin More, born Jan. 7, 1961 as of late 2008 residing at 1200 Martin Ave. Round Rock, Tx 78681. Married to Sandra. Convicted of theft by check and arson here in Texas in '83 and '84 respectively. I'm in Austin 30 miles south of this bum. Hope it helps, JB.


OK, check out this home address for Robert Colin More and wifey Sandra at 702 Lake View Cove, Round Rock, Texas, 78681. Guess I understand the Martin address was business. Get 'em....JB

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