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Micro Amps Any You Have One?


Maybe, but totally worth pointing out that small != bad. It's just that very few have tried very hard to make a very good very small amp. Honestly, the ones in the video above, I hope no one spent a dime to put one in my stocking. They sound like a mockery of music.


I have a Smokey. It's cute and useless. Though it will power a big speaker cab, it still sounds...well, the way it sounds. Barky gritty solidstatey distorto-rama. I think it's not how well this bear dances, it's the mere fact that it dances at all.

Also have the Vox DA-5, 5-watt modeler, 6 or 8" speaker. It's delightful for what it is: a number of fine amp models and robust, tweakable effects. I don't know if it's quite "micro," but it's definitely mini.

The Quilter Microblock is a whole different kettle of much more delicious fish - simply a really nice amp, period. I'm using it through a 12 and having a blast. I suppose someone should experiment to find the smallest cab from which it would make Real Guitar Sounds. (No modeling and no effects, though.)


I was wondering when the "Rockman" might show up.

That was the first.

Tom Scholz from the band "Boston", quite the genius guitar/recording techie back in the day.


If and when my ChipAmp goes South, that Quilter MB45 will be the replacement.


Even a wall of them still sound pretty bad.


I always considered a Fender Champ the best micro Amp, Any smaller and it just doesnt cut it.


This is as small as I go. It actually fits in overhead compartment on the plane, 14 pounds. It even has a reverb tank that sounds great.


Just saw this thread. I just got a HoneyTone N10. I bought it because it looked neat and it was cheap. It sounds cheap as well. But it's fun so I'm gonna get one in every color. To be totally honest it sounds pretty good at low volume. At the very least they will look nice on a shelf in my future music room.


How micro does an amp have to be to be labeled "micro"?

I still have my Pignose bought new around '87.

Also, I really like my Roland Microcube.




– UncleGrumpy

Sold a guitar to a guy today. Met him near Disneyland at a parking lot. He had a Honeytone to test it out. Guitar worked great and the guitar sounded fine for testing purposes for the guitar.

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