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Masco Amp Belonged to Hank Sr on Pawn Stars?


Well, it got my attention anyway, but I am very doubtful.

If you didn't see the episode, here's generally what happened. A man brought in a 1947 Masco amp with a plate on the front saying it belonged to Hank Williams. According to the man, the amp was given to Hank by his mother. He wanted $450K for the amp. Anything is possible, I guess.


I am googling like crazy about this. Here’s a photo of the amp in question.


Rick usually brings in an "expert" to verify. What did they determine?


Well, Buddy Holly's Magnatone 260 or 280 eventually went for 150K or something... this one was totally verified. STill cool that all this stuff somehow survives.


I can't for the life of me ever remember seeing a picture of Hank Sr. playing an electric guitar.Who knows?


Jeff, the expert that Rick called in concluded there was not enough evidence that the amp ever belonged to Hank, but, he stated, even if it did he would place the value at somewhere around 25K. As Opie stated, and neither can I say that I have ever heard or seen a picture or video of Hank even holding an electric guitar. The amp the man brought in showed considerable road wear, it seemed to me, indicating that whoever owned it also used it quite a lot. Since Hank very rarely, if ever, played an electric guitar, the validity of him owning the amp is even more questionable.

Deed, I was watching, although about half asleep until I heard them mention Hank's name. I didn't catch the story about how the man came by the amp, except it seemed that his grandfather was given the amp by someone, but I'm not sure about that. Maybe I can catch a rerun sometime, and I'll pay more attention, even though I am convinced the claim is bogus, still anything about Hank Williams always brightens my day.


Well, that's interesting, ChimingBell. Thanks for finding that. I tried to find that radio station. If I am reading that right, it is KLOE? NW Kansas?

Looks like my son is going to be moving to Savannah, so maybe on one of our frequent trips there (grandkids, yaknow), I can swing by the Hank museum in Birmingham. I'm sure I will like that.


Epiphone with DeArmond pickup. Apparently taken in San Jose, California. April 14, 1952. Radio station KLOK, can’t tell if it was taken at a club appearance or at the radio station.

I love that photo. You can see it at Hank's museum in Montgomery.


Looks like KLOK out of San Francisco -


Epi Triumph Regent that must have been borrowed for the engagement, if not just the photo. I cant say as Ive seen another pic with that rig.


Thanks, Taffy. The guy gives the chronology of the ownership, as it was told him anyway.


...another photo of a 'plugged-in' Hank.


It all boils down to provenance. No proof, no sale. In the end, it's just a story---and there's no proof one way or the other.


Still amps like that were used for PA back then. It certainly is of the period/era.


I have one of those, the mic input is a beast!

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