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Mahogany and ebony ‘52 Deluxe


Decided I needed an amp in between a Champ and all the large 6L6-based amps I've been building. Settled on the 5C3 circuit. I really like it. Just waiting for the 12" Tone Tubby to get broken in. This circuit seems very warm at low volumes and breaks up early into nice ZZ Top tones at half volume. Haven't really pushed it yet. Hope you all like the pictures.


That grill is sweet! The woodwork ain't bad either :)


Thanks. I was looking for something retro and found that in a fabric store. The print is called Route 66 so I just had to buy a couple yards of it. :) Currently suffering through a 24 hour bug but I'll try to get some better photos when I feel better.


That's sharp!


That's really classy and Deco looking Al! Great job, as always!


Another great looking amp from GuitarFarm. I approve of your circuit choice too.

Hope you enjoy it. 8-)


Love that Circuit! Amp looks cool also! I bet she's sounds amazing! 8-)


Thanks guys. :) What I thought was a 24 hour bug seems to think it's a 48 hour bug so better pictures will have to wait. Feeling too crappy to even play with the amp. :(


hope you feel better. that amp is cool as hell:D


Nice job on the cabinet . . . hand-cut dovetails, no less. 8-)


Sorry, but no. I handcut dovetails on small projects with thinner stock like jewelry boxes, keepsake boxes, and stuff like that. For 3/4" amp cabinets I turn to my trusty Leigh D4 dovetail jig. This jig does allow for completely variable spacing that gives the illusion of handcut dovetails. Most of my amp cabinets feature half-blind dovetails, but I went for through dovetails with this one for some reason. Coming soon, I will be finishing this amp cabinet which is made from curly maple with cherry inlaid through dovetails.

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