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Magnatone repair


Anyone know of a reputable Maggie repair shop in southern California (LA or OC) I found some places online but wanted to check in with actual experts first which is what I have been led to believe some of you are Was looking to have someone take a look at my Maggie 280 sometime after the holidays are over and give it a health check. Not sure if Billy Z still works on these things. Anyway Merry Xmas and happy new year guys.


Thanks Billy I will reach out to you in the next couple of weeks, I'll email you with details and go from there.


Kool old Magnatones worth saving - I may be picking up a clean 260 w/ no sound


What's wrong with it?

Some simple maintenance stuff if they haven't been dine already:

  1. Replace the power cord with a grounded one.

  2. Replace the canister filter capacitors

  3. Replace any worn out tubes

  4. Replace the crossover caps feeding the tweeters with new non-polar 10 uf caps.

5.Replace the selenium rectifier feeding the bias supply with a silicone diode.

  1. Check for any caps leaking DC and test plate resistors on all tubes for drift. Replace any ones that are bad.

  2. Check voltages everywhere.

After all that there are a few mods I would recommend,to make the amp more of a guitar amp and less of an accordion amp. Bypass caps on the preamp tube cathode. Treble bleed across the volume pots. Nothing complicated or irreversible.

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