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Lightening the load.


Once you decide to bring a pair of cabinets, why not bring a pair of light amps like the Quilter Micro Pro? At 20lbs, they are as light as most cabinets.


I've been very impressed with the sound coming out of a 20 lb. Micro Pro.


MATRIX NL212 is a stereo cabinet with two 12" speakers and weighs just under 30#.

And, I think around $680.00


Once you decide to bring a pair of cabinets, why not bring a pair of light amps like the Quilter Micro Pro? At 20lbs, they are as light as most cabinets.

– jacodiego

+1 on the suggestion. I love my Micro-Pro (right now it is the "amp/speaker" for my Kemper). I know cost was not listed as a consideration, but two Micro-Pro's would be quite an investment.


Tim, didn't you save one of these for yourself at the Hoosier Roundup?


I really like my MicroBlock 45 . . .even though I just use it for home practice. But I wouldn't hesitate to use it as a proper amp head with a cabinet. I demo'd it through a 4×10 Orange cabinet and it sounded pretty darn good.


17 pounds. I hope someone is bringing a Quilter MicroBlock to the roundup this weekend.


Jensen Neo inside.


DAMBit! Wish I could be there.


I recessed the handle so the little micro heads don't have to perform a balancing act.


Great detail, whether for that reason or just general aesthetics.

I'd probably velcro the MB inside the back of the cabinet.


Bought the 101 mainly as a backup for my main tube amp. Got to liking it enough that when a Micropro 8'' came up on my local craigslist I went and bought not only it, but the 12''HD cab as well. The 8'' does 99% of what I need, and the more I use it the more I find to like about it. I still have my tube critters, always will, but I gotta say the Quilter stuff changed my mind about SS.


It also catches spilt beer.


My offer still stands if you want to lighten the load guitar wise...for that Billy Bo.

Just sayin...


Yes, there will be a Micro Block in the house at the NorCal Roundup. Along with an Overdrive 200 and a MicroPro 200-8 (its speaker is disconnectable for head-like use). I left my Tone Block in the van I rented to haul all the gear out to the SoCal Gretsch jam, but I may get it back in time to bring it, too. And if there's room, I'll bring a Groove Tubes LapTop amp. Like the spilt-beer-absorption feature of your cab, too.


You da man, Frank.


Here's Frank putting the LWSC thru it's paces. I'm sure there's a video to follow. Thanks Frank!


Thanks to you for going to the effort! (And always, thanks to Frank.)


As a witness to Frank's demo I can attest that the LWSC is a great sounding cabinet.


I think the video was not worth the bandwidth, as it was just a static shot of the two cabs, and I can do that better, along with the guitar used to test them with this picture:

And rather than compromise audio reproduction quality the way streamed or otherwise uploaded video does, I saved the audio tracks to a .WAV file, which is located here.

Which is not to brag about the audio quality, because I don't think it presents an accurate reproduction of what either of these speakers sound like, as I think they were too loud for my poor little recording device. So there's distortion in the audio file that wasn't there for our ears. So go with what Mel says, and I would also offer Ethan's assessment, that both sound good, the Quilter sounds flat, the Cave Valley sounds like a really great guitar cab (I don't think that last part were his words, they might have been mine, but you get the idea). And while we're at it, to show the fallibility of my ears, I thought both cabs sounded better Saturday night than they did Sunday morning.

I loved the sound of the Cave Valley, and it sure doesn't weigh much. I was most impressed by how good the Micro Block sounds through a cab, now that I've finally been able to try it.


Gee zowie, guys - thanks for doing this. I know how hard it is to find time for any specific little test or demo at a Roundup, much less one ordered long-distance.

Thanks too for choosing that particular guitar, which is known territory for me. Man, a Jet with Dynas (and a brass Tru-Arc) sounds great. Since I didn't see video, I don't know who was playing; tasty licks!

I think it does indeed tell me what I need to know. Can I assume that all options were about equally loud in the room, at maybe too loud for wives but not quite gig volume?

Maybe I'm hearing what I hope to hear, but I thought both sections through Ethan's cabinet sounded better. (What was the amplification on the last section?)

There's a nice full roundness to the tone of Ethan's cab, whereas the Quilter boxes sounded a little brighter and flatter to me.

I'm really impressed with the MB/Ethanbox combo. If you guys tell me it's small-gig-worthy in volume, I'm pretty satisfied!


I figured it'd be best to use a guitar you were familiar with, though that's a glass Tru Arc, which does indeed sound great.

I played all that stuff, hence the arhythmia and modest helping of clams.

That's about as accurate an assessment of the volume level as anyone could make. Amp settings were the same on both amps with both speakers. The second two segments used a Quilter Overdrive 200:

Overdrive 200 Info

It's a great amp, though I like my MicroPro Mach II a little better.


Really! Glass! You don't say. What a distinctive tone. It's what I have on the White Gent, you'd think I'd reckinize it.

People should buy more glass bridges. What's wrong with people anyway?

And you'd say the MB was as loud as the others, at least for the test? (I assume the others are louder at 11, and have more headroom if needed.)

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