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Let's say you like clean to slightly driven guitar tones, love Gretsch, and want to play through a 2x?? cab for ease of transport. Let's hear opinions on:

1) 2x10 or 2x12? 2) which speakers do you prefer? 3) brand name or custom? (IE, Marshall, Vox, etc or Avatar, Mojotone, etc)

For me, I'd love to get a 2x10 for the weight, but it's hard to imagine playing anything but 12s. When I had an early 2000s Vibrolux, I had a pair of Eminence Ragin Cajuns in it that sounded fantastic, so I think with the right speaker, it could be done.

Outside of stock speakers, I've really only had experience with the RCs and Greenbacks. I'd love a pair of Blues or Golds, but that's a big price difference. If I did something different, I'd probably go Vintage 30s or Cannabis Rex's, but would check around.

In my bass playing days, I had a couple of Avatar cabs that were top notch build quality and portability. I'd have no problem buying from them again. I don't have any experience with the other builders, but I wonder if the quality of some companies' cabs like Orange, Marshall, etc would be just as good?

So, what are your thoughts? It'd be great to include what amp you use too!


I've only ever used 2x12s for guitar, though I would love to have some 10s in an open-back cab, because some of my favorite players use that configuration. 15s seem really hit or miss depending which guitar/amp circuit you play through them. I was quite satisfied with the Weber 12F150s in my Twin Reverb for classic "American" tones, but these days I'm using a pair of WGS Reaper + Green Beret in my main closed-back cabinet. The cabinet itself is a custom job from Fulton-Webb, the amp brand of the Austin Vintage Guitars shop.


Mark, I have an old 1966 Gibson GA-45RVT amp. it has 2 X 10 speakers and it compared to the Vibrolux in 1966. the speakers are stock as far as I know. not sure just what the Gibson amp market is like there in North Louisiana. maybe one would work for you ?


So far, my 6120DSV with DeArmonds (they're SD's) sounds best through my Roland 80X, which is a 1X12" combo with their kind of enclosed, but vented, cabinet.

It sounds less good through a Vibrolux 2X10" clone (King Amplification), my tweed Deluxe clone, a Carr Skylark, and my 1 X 12" Roland Blues Cube (all which have open backs).

With the Roland 80X, I run the amp eq fairly flat, in the "Jazz Chorus" model. I can get everything from tele on steroids, to jazz, just using the guitar controls.


Considered a 1x15? My current favorite for all things Gretschy.


Okay, I agree with Powdog regarding 15"s for Gretsches but it begs a question for me regarding weight, in comparing cabs with 2x10's, 2x12's or a 1x15. Obviously the cab sizes get bigger with bigger speakers and the added wood would add some additional weight but how much would the weight increase, first using alnico magnets and then with ceramics?

Ceramics will obviously lighten the weight across the board but I would think not increase the weight as much, cab to cab as would be the case with alnicos.


Comparing a 2x12 cab, I believe the C15N is about 5 pounds lighter than a pair of C12N's, and I'm pretty sure a 2x12 cab requires more lumber than a 1x15. If you're serious I'll do the math in ernest.


Comparing a 2x12 cab, I believe the C15N is about 5 pounds lighter than a pair of C12N's, and I'm pretty sure a 2x12 cab requires more lumber than a 1x15. If you're serious I'll do the math in ernest.

– Powdog

Thanks, no, not for me. Because part of the reason for the OP's wanting a cab with 2 tens was for portability, it got me to thinking about the weights of the various types.

Looking across the room at my Executive and '66 PR now that you mentioned it, I think you're right on the 12's cab needing more wood than the 15. So go with the 15, right?.....2 ten's aren't remotely in the same league!


Good discussion, and I'm not in the market for a cab right now, I just thought it would be interesting to have a discussion on a topic we hardly ever discuss. We talk about amps all day long, and occasionally speakers, but we don't often speak about cabs.


I currently have my bassman in a 2x10 combo, for a while I was running it with a cab that had one 12" and one 10". I've been thinking of going back to that setup lately.


Cabinets are certainly a part of the sound and getting the sound across in various environments.

Now that I'm old I appreciate lighter weight amps. Smaller tweed amps with pine cabinets are a lot lighter than the Ampegs and Boogies I've used in the past.

I generally like an open back combo, and generally prefer 10's to 12's, though certain 12's are favorites of mine (I always liked Boogie Black Shadow 90 watters, which are Celestions, also certain JBL's).

Back when I played outdoors more, with lousy PA's, I'd stick one Celestion in a 4X12 cab with 3 generic speakers. You could hear the Celestion was more efficient and colored the top end that was missing from the generics. Lots of "oomf" from the generics though. Good wallop.

I also had a tailgate lift back then!


I have two 2x12 cabs.

  • Marshall Silver Jubilee 2556A angled cabinet in silver vinyl loaded w/ Celestion G12T-75's. It's similar to a Marshall 1966 cabinet. This is a very light cab.
  • Fender Super-Sonic 60 212 in blonde tolex w/ Celestion Vintage 30's. It's a good thing this has casters because it's a heavy beast like +70 lbs.

I like the sound and feel of low powered 10" speakers, three or four of them, in an open back cab, with a 40-ish watt twin 6L6 Fender type amp. Super Reverbs, tweed bassman, tweed Bandmaster, etc.... I'm so used to that setup that if I'm onstage playing through anything else, I'll be tweaking volume and tone controls all the time.

In a studio setting, I'll play anything I can get a sound out of, or that works for the music I'm playing. But I still tend to go for 10" speakers - hard to teach an old dog new tricks I guess.


What amp?

I'm a fan of the Tremolux cab, but it doesn't really cut down on weight. The one I have has Oxfords, I think. I use it with a Bassman, at peaceful levels. I had previously used it with a highly modded Super Reverb.

If I was going light, I would get a composite cab. I thought Flite Sound went out of business, or people had trouble getting their orders, but there they are? http://flitecabs.com You can get a 2x10 custom ordered, I'm not sure if you can get your choice of speakers or unloaded? I don't think the weights he lists are correct, they seem to be the weight of the speakers in the cabinets.

I don't see anyone else making composite cabinets.

There are lots of fibreglass and MDF subwoofer enclosures for cars, they would sound like hell. I see them on clearance aIl the time, I've wanted to crash test that.

Look at this cab, a Fender? What's the amp? https://shreveport.craigsli...


Pic of amp/cab, a Bassman 70? He seems to be calling it a mixer/amp.


My GreTcsh soundsb wonderful thru my 68 drip edge super reverb. 4x10s


I love mixing speakers. This is a cherry cab that has a 12" and an 8" speaker. Made this for a harp player in the midwest.


I also had a Mesa bass rig in my bass playing days, and the sound was fantastic. I used the 4x10 + 1x15 cab. But lugging that cab around made me decide to go light from that point on. Jeez, that thing was a chiropractor's dream.

Powdog, that cab is gorgeous, but I'd be scared to death to gig with it!


Yeah Powdog, that looks great. Is that recent, and was that ever discussed here before? Would be nice to start a thread and post more pictures and info, if you ever get a chance.


Probably not worthy of it's own thread. This is a single ended 6L6 amp I built for a harp player. The cab is solid 3/4" cherry. I paired a Weber 12" alnico with an 8" alnico. The amp is pretty dark and low gain, which allows for more volume with less distortion and feedback.


As with everything else musical, I find it hard to generalize about cabs. For many years it was all 1x15 combos and cabs for me. I had two 2x12 pine cabs with various speakers. Not sure why, but they never much impressed me one way or the other, regardless of speakers used or application. Not cheap cabs, and I had other format cabs from the same makers which sounded much better somehow. Mysterious.

As to Walter's point, yes, 4x10s are always perfect for live work. I always wanted to keep weight down, so never invested in such a cab. Given how much I loved an old SR and now love a much newer tweed bassman, maybe I should have tried that.

The big deal changer for me was getting a 12+10 pine cab from a local builder in NJ, Pinetone. Open back, the best sounding open back cab I've ever used. That's why I no longer have 1x15s, cause this one sounds so good.

A more recent surprise on the cab scene is the closed back, ported 1x12 cab that came with a Pure 64 Mean Streets amp. I've never much liked the feel of closed back cabs, so was unprepared for just how good this one is. It's small, light, sounds twice as big as any 1x12 I've ever heard. MD


is Mean Streets amps the same company that made EVH replica guitars many years ago before EVH and Fender teamed up for his own brand?


I remember a friend had a Bassman back in the 90s, and the 4x10s sounded great. He would often plug other amps in to drive the cab of that amp, and whatever he plugged in, always sounded great. His dad had an old JTM45 and my friend also had a JCM900 and they both sounded fantastic through it as well.



No. "Mean Streets" is the model name. The company is Pure 64. MD


I just ordered a mojotone 212 Tweed highpower cab with celestian greenbacks with a cutout for a peavey classic 30 chassis. It should weigh in around 30 lbs when done...

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