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leftover Fenders


Well the vultures came thru and picked off the primo ones/deals, leaving these. Actually of all of em the 1981 Champ II is best thing going in this group.


I see an outboard reverb that makes my spidey-sense tingle.


I like the looks of the little one with the covering peeled off.


OK, what's the freakin' secret to seeing a GDP image at its original size? It's maddening when I'm trying to see detail to be stuck with these postage stamps.

What are the two brown piggybacks?


Well there's a brown 3-10 Bandmaster, and piggybacks (I call em white) going by memory from earlier today, one is a Tremolux and one is a Bassman. Will be back there next week. There's also a Tremolux head in a pile of heads...but it's recovered or something


Whose are these? How are the prices?

Tremolux might interest me, vaguely. Not that I have any earthly need.


Invisible Sound Studios in Baltimore is closing after over 25 years. They collected well over 100 vintage amps, mikes and drums, some keyboards, not guitars tho. Also tons of recording gear. I don't think they knew the vintage amp market has softened up some, so prices were scary -- but some stuff, including the Magnatone 213 troubador I sold them in the 90s and some hi-$ Fenders did sell. I have totally lost touch with the pre CBS Fender amp scene so don't know what stuff actually goes for as the year 2020 gets near. Also a cool Gretsch Valco Twin Reverb in ok shape for maybe $500.


The piggyback on the left is a Bandmaster - two more knobs than a Bassman. The one on the right is a Tremolux, like DCBirdman said.


The 6g9b tremolux is a great amp as the low plate voltagemmeans you can also run 6v6s at 8ohms . Flexible lil blonde

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