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kool tube Standel


This piggyback only has 1 -12. I guess they were so eaten up w/ the new Fender piggyback scene, they did up their own even w/ single speaker in a too big cab.


actually bob crooks/standel was first with the piggybank amp...he was pre-leo with it

is that a hybrid tube standel???...leo followed him on that too...musicman hybrids

the greats stick together

cool amp!



So Standel piggyback beat 1960 Leo? Never knew. I am not too up on Standel except the Chet single 15 one he liked. Will have to check it out.. .not sure about the hybrid.. mabye too early for that altho Standel was early into solid state. Still should have had 2 12s


crooks was genius!!...ala bigsby, leo. les paul etc



Those Standel cabinets usually had a JBL D131 speaker and a big open port. A few years back a battered one popped up on CL for free - recovered and two speakers in the baffle. I picked it up and later gave it to a bass playing friend who still uses it for small gigs.

I had a hybrid Standel for a while, sounded a lot like a brown Fender. Can't complain about that!

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