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kool NOS find


A "tad" overpriced?

The seller's delusional. Nice amp, in great shape, but $10K is nuts.


It’s good to have a dream.


Well, if there's one thing I have learned from selling very improbable stuff for years now, you just have to wait until the right guy comes along. So this is a long wait --- think anyone would shell out $3500?


Thats pretty cool though..... A time capsule for sure!


There's a Supro purist out there who probably just wet their pants. "It's my dream amp AND it's NOS!!"


Well you all talked me out of the this 6150T.... I was wondering how a circuit that simple could really be all that different from another one like Vibro Champ.

I know where there's an NOS in box c. 1980 Pro Reverb... that little Return of Black Panel in 80 and 81. Got some plans but right now it it ain't for sale.


It’s good to have a dream.

– Proteus

I have a dream, a fantasy;

To help me through reality.

Not a chance this is gonna happen, methinx.


So the idiot plugged in an amp that hadn't been turned on in 54 years?


Well, ya gotta see what happens.


Interesting as that is the same amp as my Gretsch 6159 that I just repaired. I agree although in great shape and a great sounding amp I think it a bit rich. Even at 3500.00 it's over 10X of what I paid! Thanks John


"Please message me if you are interested or before a purchase is made."

Translation: "I don't want to pay eBay 10% final value fee so please get in touch before you buy so I can set up on off the site sale with you."

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