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kool Echolette amps


w the Tremoloes. Also a Tenny on the scene. I read somewhere that the Trems had some of the very first Marshalls off the bench in 1962/3.


I got to see them on their '67 US tour at Notre Dame. They had an odd assortment of gear, used a pair of Dual Showmen as a PA, some 4X12 slant front cabs and smallish amp heads, could've been Marshall. An egg shaped (from the side) dual manual combo organ by a company called Bird. I've never seen or heard of another, except some references to Bird amps. What still stands out is that they were the first group I'd heard live that sounded better than on record. It was in a big geodesic dome with the some of the worst acoustics I've ever heard. Go figure. The show was great!

That was the year I graduated high school. The band I was in played that tune, and a lot of other British Invasion stuff. I've always thought it interesting that such a happy sounding tune is about losing a girlfriend.

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