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Klose enough for Kustom work


BZ, I haven't opened it up. I kinda don't want to know. I should want to know, though, shouldn't I? Maybe I'll look. But I have my doubts.

I wish it had chrome ports too, they're cooler.

Slim it's not hard at all to move. Kustom had KILLER ball casters, as I'm sure you remember. It just gliiiides. You have to tip into and out of the vehicle, protecting the down side as you slide it. Oh, and it doesn't do stairs. Elevators are fine. Plan ahead.

– Proteus

I'm well aware of casters and wheels and elevators, Proteus. It's when you don't have these things is when you discover the problem. Our theater had 100 steps from the main floor to the attic. Did that trip 24 times in one day, hauling stuff both ways. No elevator in the building save for the orchestra pit. I'm on first name basis with my chiropractor.


Of course. At one American Legion third-floor gig in southern Ohio...seemed like 25 steps per...we resorted to rolling the drums (in their cases) down at the end of the gig.

The drummer started it. Of course he announced a drum roll.

We carried the 2-12 Bandmaster cabs, and the 18H Cerwin Vega cabs. We were:

A) Young
B) Stupid
C) Dedicated to our craft
D) Delusional
E) All of the above


Nice score! My favorite color.


My Hammond wouldn't fit in the freight elevator. 4th floor gig. Much fun. Bandmaster? I had a Dual Showman and a Super Beatle. I understand.

Try carrying Super Trooper follow spots up into the catwalks in a dome basketball arena. Our theater's first video projector (1985) weighed in excess of 800 pounds. You couldn't get enough people around it to lift it. 100 steps to the attic/PJ booth.. Even more fun. It's still up there.

I've spent nearly 50 years carrying gear of all sorts in theaters and other venues. I firmly believe that wheels are our friends.


Congrats- they were cool looking but sounding? Solid state was really embraced at first back in the day because it was presented as "more reliable" than tubes and fuses that went bad. But a lot of solid state amps turned out to be not that reliable as well.

That bottom piece of vinyl has no roll. Look at the top piece. Pretty glaring but that is typically the type of thing I would miss.

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