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kendricks heyday was really about 30 years ago!!!..the first company to really get into making repros of classic amps but with current/updated parts...out of texas..gerald weber (he got the kendrick from his wifes maiden or middle name!) himself was a bit of a promoter...pushed buttons...but they made some great gear...kudos

even parts...they put out a blakeframe speaker in the jensen fashion (before jensens italian comeback) that was absolutely killer

and published classic amp tech books...when there were none!!

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Repros were so popular Fender got in on it. I have to chuckle just a bit-- when the blackfaces came out,a LOT of blondes and tweeds got rattle-canned black. Even saw a Bassman or two that got un-tweeded and black-Tolexed.....


Kendrick and THD were the pioneers of that kind of thing, and for a while, they were the only game in town if you wanted a brand new tweed bassman. Now, they mostly seem a little expensive for what they are.

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