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I like Robert Keeley. However, I've never kept any of his pedals. In the end, they just haven't hit my ear right.

I know it's a broken record, and you don't want to spend the money, but for 'verb and trem, I'd either go this: https://reverb.com/item/155...

or this: https://reverb.com/item/260....

There's a reason there are no used True Springs out there - and that used Flints cost virtually as much as new ones.


Well I am ok /w Holy Grail Nano for reverb and Boss for trem.... was just lookin for rev and trem in one compact package. Had the Flint -- too big and tweaky. I might try one of the Keeleys and see what I think. later on could investigate that reverb you like. But right now the 22.5 scale mission is way more important. You may see a major BirdMan Announcement soon.


Forget the True Spring then. It takes more hidden tweaks than the Flint.

But too big? Too tweaky? The Flint has 3 knobs and a switch for reverb, 2 knobs and a switch for trem. You use the switches once, to find your favorite mode. You get a dedicated stomp for each effect. Hard to imagine any two pedals will add up to less space and/or fewer controls.

The all-in-one Verb-o-Trem sounds OK to me. Packs all the basics into a small format, though you lose the EHX Nano's Flerb - oh what a loss you'll find that! - and you have to open up the Keeley to switch to Plate. (Not that you would.) But yon Keeley does have 3 trem modes. Might be overkill for you! At least it doesn't let you sweep from one wave form to another like the Boss. You wouldn't have the pressure of refusing to turn an extra knob that does something you don't need.

The VoT might be too tweaky.

I'd be way more likely to go for the Workstation version. 8 modes for each effect! More knobs! Stereo! I don't need more of either, but now you got me wanting that.



Worth a try... would rather have trem variants over reverb variants (spring, or Modern World approximation thereof is good enough). Right about Flerb-- that is not on my must-have list. For me no pedal should have more than 2 knobs, so this double pedal with 4 of them is allowed.

Do go for the workstation... ultimate in Tweakoid Delight -- it's got someone's name on it!


I sure like my Mr. Black Deluxe Plus.

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