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Just traded Vox AD100VTH for Ampeg VT 60


I had been trying to sell the hybrid Vox on Craigslist and had no bites, My price was right for what I saw in other used markets, mine was even in better condition. My roommate fell in love with the sound of this amp and offered to trade me his VT-60 for it. Its full tube and sounds great. Not as much gain on tap as I'd like but it takes pedals well. So I took the bait. How do you guys think I did?


I'd be ecstatic. Nice trade.


Not bad if you weren't feeling the vox AD100vth, personally I really like mine. Value wise you definitely got a good trade, according to Google the Ampeg is worth about double the Vox head.


Yeah, I really liked my Vox, It was just way too big for my purposes. The head and cab were being sold separate for +/- $200 each at GC used, and thats about what he had paid for the Ampeg combo, which I thought was a steal.


Good deal on that!


My worry stemmed from the fact that Musicians Friend has new cabs identical to the 4x12 with my vox listed for more than I had paid for the pair 5 years (really?) ago. The fact is that they probably aren't moving many - if any - units at that price.


What do you think my VOX AD 30 VT would be worth? It's got a Eminence RamRod speaker, TungSol 12AX7, cut out back panel like the AC 30 and gold logos. I bought this from NCM with the grill cloth option. Great amp, loud as all hell too!


I looked on the closed listings on Ebay, but only saw the ones with the metal grill. They looked to be the same model otherwise, and were selling sub $100.

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