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Just ordered an amp blind


I can see how that could be handy for certain things Tim, however, in this case, the amp has too much low end with all my guitars, the guitars are just great through my other five amps, so having my buddy change a couple of caps in the amp is going to be more efficient than adding (yet another!) pedal to my board.


Yessir, I hear you. The pedal's probably more expensive than that too. But man, I'd forgotten how powerful precise EQ right at the guitar is. Not just for tweaking a base tone to changing rooms and conditions, but for compLETEly revoicing your rig for a particular temporary purpose. Push JUST the frequencies you want into overdrive, without having to goose everything - or surgically dump just an offending frequency without having to take all its neighbors. Revelatory.

But I know what amps with too much bass are like. That describes the otherwise-divine MusicMan 65; though I've never been unable to dial it down enough to work with a particular guitar, everything from 5 up is useless. AND it has a DEEP switch, which is unfathomable.

The Gretsch Variety was also ridiculously bottom-heavy. Above 3 was not only unnecessary, it could be flabby. (And when 10s go flabby, their definition is compromised.)

The old immortal Ampeg Reverberocket has the opposite problem: bass on 12, sometimes I still want more.

You wonder how amp designers get this wrong.

I hadn't heard that the Supros had this characteristic. Good luck with a resolution; when your guy finds the optimal values, maybe you can share the mod with others.


Once I have the bass rolled off, I don’t feel like there is too much bass. I will say I’ve had to revisit the tone knobs on all of my guitars to get “my” tone dialed in as best I can. I would be interested to hear what your amp guy does though because although I’m happy today, I just can’t seem to leave well enough alone!


I get 404 cannot be found on that Tim. Guess it's something from Wampler, perhaps the Emperor's New Clothes pedal? Or the 'Billy No Mate pedal

Nick, my Coronado and Supreme both have one tone control and I keep it half way or a bit beyond to favour the treble. But on the 1605w that has both like your Tremo Verb, I keep the bass low, but it's no problem. I have to watch it a bit with the T Armonds or it can get flubby. Not much love for em


Wampler EQuator. New parametric EQ pedal.


Interesting to me to hear about that phenomenon with Supros. My Saturn Reverb is my current plug-in-whatever-guitar-and remember-I-still-suck amp. Lately, I’ve been playing my Ricks a lot and naturally, through that amp. I haven’t noticed an issue with low end, albeit Ricks would probably never be accused of sounding boomy, anyway.
Got my head to scratchin’....

Unless I’m mistaken, I do believe that both models cited thus far in the thread were also offered back in the day whereas the Saturn is a much newer design. Y’all have me curious to plug in some other stuff and see how things bear out.

Thanks for the idea!


I guess the tremoverb (25 Watts) is a new take on the old tremoverb (5 Watts). There is a pretty cool video online comparing the two. I played through a bunch of songs tonight using the amp and my bass player was playing along. Sounded good to me!

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