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JBL D140F speakers


I picked up a pair of JBL d140f speakers. Both are re-cones done with a Waldom cone. One is functional and sounds good, the other has a rub and will need a re-cone. I was wondering, in terms of specs, would these Waldom re-cones would make these speakers more of a full range speaker rather than a bass speaker?


You can have them reconed with a D130 kit. 130's & 140's are the same except for the cone kit. The D130 kit will be louder and sound a lot better. Waldom cones aren't as good as the originals, but they're not bad.


Exactly the info I was looking for. Thank you.


If you'll be using them for guitar, I'd recone them as D130s. D140s are better for bass, but don't have the same top end as D130s. At least that's been my experience.


A cone rub can be fixed without a re-cone. Place strips of index card between the magnet and voice coil, making sure they're even all the way around, and paint the spider with acetone while the speaker is horizontal. The spider will revert to its original shape, although it may take several applications. I did this with my D130F; it does require removal of the cap, but that's easy.


ALSO....D140's are much less efficient than D130's. A D140F can handle twice as many watts, but it takes more than twice as many watts to make it as loud.

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