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Jayce is getting a new amp… deLisle style!


Getting my ass into gear and finishing the 2x12 for this bad boy today!


I cut and screwed in the speaker baffle today and sanded and primed.


Looks good Jayce!


Since i started building this cab i couldnt decide on a colour..

It was destined to be Copper Metalflake, but it was going to clash with the Gold grillcloth. So i went with a duck egg blue/daphne bluey colour.


NIce work on the cab, Jayce. What kind of joint did you use for the cabinet? BTW I like the Daphne blue... would go well with a Strat I saw once ;-) .


They are those real fancy joints...

Butt joints! haha

Gluing in some cleats in the corners, but im postive butt joints are more than adequate joints.


They look good, mate. Very clean. I'm soon starting work on my own 2x12 cab, but I'm thinking of tackling the dreaded finger joints, as I'll probably go for a natural finish to match the Twin head I made. I used butt joints on that and it is fine. Here's a little something to get your GAS going!...


I would defiantly do a more 'eye friendly' joint if was doing a stain/oil finish.

Sweet jesus thats a nice strat! My mexican mongrel may need a face lift!


Of course, with one of these as well, you could truly be a symphony in daphne!:D


It has landed in Oz :D


The cab in that color needs a few racing stripes.


It has landed in Oz :D

– mugsy

It has landed in Oz :D

– Mugsy

Yay! :D

Lets see how long customs can stuff me round!..


i had a parcel slip for a bag and box this morning... Had me all excited!

Bahhhh balls...


Cleared Customs at 8:51am this morning...

We'll see how it goes!


So its stuck in customs..

a $48 charge plus a payment i dont know about yet... plus 3 days for payment to clear the n 5 days for the goods to dispatch..

What a freakin joke..


Oh man! They don't release it until the paymeny has cleared?!8-o

Hmmm, I gues I would prefer having to pay duties cash upon delivery then.:|


I probly didnt word that right. The $48 is just a charge for them having to go to the trouble of making me fill out a form.

I had to fill out a form, declaration thingo.. They then email me with the cost of import duties and other BS. I pay then the ship the amp.

First issue with it: The form i filled in which is information that can be found of the USPS form attached to to box. I had to fill in the price not once, not twice but THREE times on the same piece of paper. (Seems a little stupid)

So tomoro the form will be faxed of, they'll email me telling how i owe them. I pay, they then allow 3 for payment to clear. Then they send it.

Is it just me or does that whole process make no sense? I know im not only person to have to pay it, nor is Australia the only country that does it. But it still just seems like a total bullshit fee.

I paid 1300 dollars for somthing that was not made in Australia, why does that mean i should pay extra? Yet if was only worth 1000 dollars i dont pay squat? Tell me how thats right...

As far as im concerned, i bought something from USA. I paid for with my own hard earned money. Yet the Australian Government now makes 10% or whatever it is. Its a shit Government anyway.

Rant over... Sorry


That three and five day quote is a worst case scenario, it should be a fair bit quicker unless someone dicks up. Customs has generally been pretty quick for me

Thank Johnny for the 10%, I don't know how long the 5% customs duty has been in place.

The GST portion is stupid, but the 5% customs tax makes at least a tiny bit of sense, customs has to be funded somehow otherwise we'll end up with something worse than Cane Toads.


Yeah its still a tonne of bullshit..

Whether something costs 1000 or 10000 you shouldn't have to pay extra.


Also i saw your other email, i just forgot to reply will do tonight.


Man, that stinks! Looks like they've had it for a week.

I bought an Eddie Cochran 6120 and a White Penguin from Japan years ago. Both were delivered to my door. I didn't get charged any duties on the 6120, but I had to cough up $200+ on the Penguin. I wrote a check on the spot and they left the guitar.

I hope they get it sorted out soon :|


Australia, like all the other European countries, hates freedom.

God bless America!


Yep its annoying..

The annoying thing is i dont get told how much thte duties and fee's are till after i send in the first form delcaring the value ($1000+) even though the USPS thingo on the box will say that.

For some reason they need my confirmation its over the $1000 threshold. Like i could somehow prove it not valued at that..

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