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Whats the advantage of a 6X9 over a round speaker?

– LA_Manny

Oval speakers supposedly added the best of wo worlds---highs from the smaller dimension, and lows from the longer, and many had whizzer cones on top of that. I've got a Jensen 3"X14" if you want to talk about odd ovals. It was made to fit a 3 space rack panel monitor amp. 4"X6", 5"X7", and 6"X9" were all first used in autos as they fit into smaller spaces.

Powdog, that cab looks great!


Thanks Slim. Hope the hand is feeling better.

I've used pairs of 6x9's in a few amps. Sometimes they sound killer, but once it really sucked. Guess if this one is the latter I'll be making a new baffle.

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