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Jawbone Amps rat rod amp build


New Jawbone Amps build. Always wanted to build a run of amps that are like rat rods. Look like hell on the outside, old rusty stuff. Inside, all new parts. This one is built upon a '62 Hammond AO-44 reverb amp. Push pull ECL86's with a 6AV6 preamp.


The cab is made of cherry, with loads of pitch streaks. My take on an old Gibson BR6 with some Greene and Greene cloud lift thrown in.


Very cool Powdog; looking forward to following this build.


I use the AO-35 for my builds. I usually use old dynamite crates for the cab...And I finish them off with travel decals from Cuba to give it the look of something cobbled together in Cuba.


Once upon a time a guy gave me some black oak boards he said came off a barn in Ohio. I surfaced them just enough to remove splinter hazards then made jewelry boxes for my nieces. Lots of spalt and nail holes, looked really rustic. I'd like to find some of that. The cherry I'm using for this project started as a 6/4 board, warped and twisted with a live edge. Once I planed it down to 3/4 it looked too respectable to be called rustic.


I spent a week this summer combing the ghost towns of the Eastern Sierra. Saw lots of old lumber still clinging to the frames. Man, was I tempted!


The AO-35 amps are really popular, with the Carmen Ghia tie in and all. I have shelves of various Hammond monoblocks, but I've really fallen in love with the AO-44. The ECL86 is a triode/pentode, like half 6AQ5 and half 12AX7. So with just two tubes you have a push pull pair of outputs, a PI and a gain stage. Just add a preamp stage of your choosing and BAM! Hooked up to a 2x12 cab it sounds huge. And in a head cab, it's the size of a nerf football. I build them into little combos with the original 8" Rola alnico speaker, and a 1/4" jack on the back that bypasses the speaker so you can use it as a head.


Cherry cab after first sanding.


I'll finish up with a CVA logo.


First coat of oil down


Oh wow, you made my day!


The Cherry board I used had so much spalt and cracks, I ended up filling the big ones with black epoxy.


Wow! That looks phenomenal. Great work.


Last coat of oil. Lots of cool luster on this cab. It just begs to be touched.


Just need a grille/baffle


Going the pair of 6x9 route.


Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang that's looking killer!!


okay I want it, I got perky nips on this thing. I love cabs in natural wood! My barnfind EH-185 was in an old ply box!


okay I want it, I got perky nips on this thing. I love cabs in natural wood! My barnfind EH-185 was in an old ply box!


Oh Tavo....I know that's rare in the States but it's rarer than a frog feather here in the UK. I won't sleep tonight for dreaming about her.

I feel like Hank Marvin in 1958


One alnico, one ceramic


Whats the advantage of a 6X9 over a round speaker?


No advantage. Just different. I'm sure Valco used them back in the day because they got a boatload of them cheap. They really don't make an efficient piston, but do emit interesting frequencies.

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