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Jawbone Amps rat rod #4


New head cab for the Thunderbird prototype I built a while back.


Sweet! When I saw rat rod, I thought it would be flat black. That would be cool, too.

Nice woodwork!


I should really leave the amp out and let it rust up some.

I use the rat rod descriptive when I build amps out of old parts. Used to call them junk amps. Sound pretty good though.


Throw some old clock gears or copper tubes on there and call it steampunk!


Two rat rods on their way out.


I really like the inlay on the front! It's hard to see the top, are those half-blind finger joints?

How about a gut shot?


Thanks guys. Yea, dovetails. Can't get a gutshot, on the way to see the guys play their gig with it now. Going thru a HK 2x12 Greenback cab. It should kill.


Studio on 4th, Reno NV. Happy St Patty's!


Very pretty work PD. Looks to me like those guys need a matching speaker cab.


You can see my kid's mismatched drums stage left. If I made a matching speaker cab, I think they might lose some street cred. Kids....

Hey Bob. With a kid at UNR I'm in Reno frequently. Now with this new band, probably more than usual. Lots of weird little venues in Reno. I'll drop a dime next time I'm hopping over.

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