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I’m gonna lose my vintage card…


But I got a new amp today. I've been playing a lot of acoustic lately, and wanted a guitar amp with a vocal channel for some smaller gypsy gigs I do.Thought about AER, Tanglewood and Fishman but ran across the Roland Street Cube Ex. 50w, two dual xlr/1/4" inputs, and two 1 /4" inputs, onboard delay, reverb and chorus, 16 lb and.....it can run on AA batteries for well over 10 hours.

I tried it with an upright bass and Selmer guitar and easily made coffee shop volume. Used it at rehearsal with a drummer tonight with a tele, and was plenty loud with a decent slap delay. It will never replace my vintage amps, but if I had to play one for a full band gig, it would be more than acceptable.Getting a looper this week to use with it for practice and solo gigs too.

Street new is 499, I gave 350 for a store return. Sorry for the crappy stock photo, but it shows the controls and design.


Another one crosses over to the Dark Side.

Whatever works for you. I've got a Roland EP that works fine. Looks like this fits your needs well.


Yay for modern times. Hey, the stuff works!


Currently there are two vintage (Traynor and Burman) amps and one modern one (Fender Blues Deluxe) in the music basement -- all are good to go. So I've just done three band gigs with a Roland Cube 60 -- not exactly the world of Kemper and Quilter, but it's Fancy Dan technology for an old twit like me.

Oh the nuances of tube tone aren't really there with the Cube, but it does OK. It even sounds good with a flat top if I select the 'acoustic' preset -- all in all it's a loud little brat that doesn't weigh very much.

I can't say I like the built-in effects very much -- they sound a bit 'brittle' to me and don't offer a great deal of control -- but the pedalboard takes care of that stuff.

We're out again later this week. I really ought to use one of the old timers to get me back on the straight and narrow.


Would take a hella lot of new gear to obscure your vintage commitment.


Also of inerest to me... so far tho my battery needs meet by Fishman Loudbox Charge. Still will investigate. But I think they stick their dogmeat modeling on these...

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