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I like Thomas Vox but this is stupid



You could by a few little ones for this amount. Plus this dope doesn't realize some of this is on CD, and actually this tech info isn't that hard to come to come by, for the 3 people left who will still work on them.

The dividing line for some techs is the single channel ones aren't too bad, but the 3 channel ones with all the fx are a rat's nest of wires


At $650, that'll be in "ebonywomen's" shelf for quite awhile. What you ask for and what you get are two totally different things. Looking at his/her other sales, it seems that we have a guitar stripper here. Lots of overpriced bits and pieces, among with used clothes and shoes.


Ahh, so parts weasels expand their merchandising line, or the used clothes crowd has discovered parting out guitars.

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