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I heart Hardwire reverb


Had been married to EH Holy Grail Nano, but this Hardwire spring rev is a bit different.. good different. Plus I can run 2 guitars thru it to different channels.

You see my latest amp crush .. local build on Champ chassis, cab only 1.5" taller than a Champ and yes We Stuffed A 12 In It. Even tho it's rated 18 watts, it isn't all that loud and fully maxed does not distort even w/ buckers. Distortion Does Not Live Here. So I'm up on 8 and it's sounding great. May venture in to a more efficient 12 in a while tho.


Wildeman here, i have the Hardwire delay and the tremolo and think they're great pedals. I'll have to give the verb a go if i see one.


I have one of those I use as a backup for my BZ Kahuna when the gig is at a really small club. They work well.

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