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I hate my Deluxe Reverb


You know that being orange doesn't make them sound any better, right? Any film type cap is fine. The name Orange Drop referred to the polypropylene film caps made by Sprague in the 60's & 70's. Sprague doesn't exist anymore & neither do those caps, but it doesn't matter in a guitar amp anyway. Just don't spend extra to get orange ones.


Yeah. I tried painting some caps orange once. Couldn't hear a difference.


should have gotten Baltimore Orioles caps.


should have gotten Baltimore Orioles caps.

– macphisto

Orange and black caps. How Gretschy.


BZ is right. After a trip to a good amp tech it will sound fantastic. The pull boost function always sounded like crap, but when not engaged, it's out of the circuit. The taper on those pots is annoying for sure. Fender did that to give the illusion of more volume. At the time it was made, amp volume was a big deal, and the unsuspecting customer would think something like, 'Wow, if it's that loud on 3, just think how loud it will be on 6', not realizing that most of the volume was at the low end of the rotation. Pots with a better, more gradual taper are not expensive. That's a pretty good speaker for the DR. If you get it blackfaced, or put back to silverface specs, replace the pots, install proper component values, and get it biased properly, you'll have a great sounding amp that will last your whole life. The key is finding a tech who knows his stuff and doesn't overcharge.


there's nothing at all wrong with silverface Fenders per se...they're just different. sometimes one is better for a particular application. the pull-switch is crap, though; i never used the one on my Twin after the first couple of months.

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