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I don’t get line-out in lo and hi impedance


Ok there are 2 kinds of line out – low impedance that comes thru XLR, and hi impedance thru ¼” jack. But both of these come from preamp section before it gets to power section, correct? – so, there is no such thing as PA out/line out that comes from speaker output?

Of course there are these 2 way transformers that convert high to low. Further, hi impedance isn’t useful for long line runs to a PA way off somewhere?

Reason for asking is of course lots of acoustic guitar amps have an XLR out for PA, but electric guitar amps pretty much don’t --- your only option really is to mike it? I have a situation where a direct line to the PA would be useful from an electric guitar amp.


Use a DI. XLR out at mike level---no problem.

Some older amps have a direct out that goes thru a pad to a 1/4" out, but they're rare. XLR and 1/4" outs from a preamp are basically mike level.


How would DI work w/ electric guitar / it's the amp sound I want.

Ahh, will just mike it.


DI samples the speaker level signal. It won't reproduce the sound of the speaker, tho. Shure SM57 will do that perfectly.


Use a direct box. Most good ones will work in any of the above mentioned scenarios.


This seems to be the "hottest" unit at the moment. Connects to your amp speaker output and simulates various speaker cabinets. Get the miked guitar amp sound without mic. Not a cheap one though, but pros seem to like it.



That's not a direct box, it's a digital effect.


This is from a Yamaha PM1000 mixing board manual.


Yes, I know it is not a DI box, but if you want to get miked guitar amp sound from your guitar amp without miking, this seem to be the one of the best ways to get it as it has very good speaker cabinet simulation. With pure DI box you miss the speaker cabinet part and you need a DI box that can be connected to speaker output of the amp to capture the amp sound. Not all DI boxes can handle speaker signals.


It really doesn't have to be the speaker sound... I just want the amp sound going into the speaker. But really in basic tube amps, the extension speaker jack is reall about all there is. If these DI can knock that speaker level signal down to something that will work going on to a PA. This is clean sound btw.

But thanks for all the info!


Here you go: guitar level, line level, speaker level, ground lift, etc. Just don't try to use it instead of a speaker...it works along with the speaker.



You can use that Wirlwind either between the amp and guitar, or from the Ext. Spkr. jack.


Whirlwind is a great unit. We use Countryman DIs because they're young enough to drive a truck over. College students can't hurt them.


I like the sound of an electric guitar through an LR Baggs DI Para-Acoustic DI box. It seems to make the Treble more dense for lack of a better way to say it. The FET in the circuit does the same thing as with an acoustic guitar. Just dial all the guitar controls wide open, set the box with the sound you like...

Especially, nice with the Byrdland...


Use a DI. XLR out at mike level---no problem.

Some older amps have a direct out that goes thru a pad to a 1/4" out, but they're rare. XLR and 1/4" outs from a preamp are basically mike level.

– wabash slim

I have a Marshall 900 w the described line out and the "recording compensated" unbalanced output. Can I use an unbalanced to balanced adapter from the unbalanced output of the amp? And run a balanced line the distance to the mixing board? Of course in addition to the speaker output.


If the signal comes out "unbalanced" from a 1/4" jack any noise that goes along with that cable length keeps moving down the line.

Going back to XLR "balanced" will then not add further noise, just move the noise already included.

Check out the link provided above...

The nice thing about "balanced" is the lower noise level.

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