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How to Make Your Amp SUPER HEAVY!


I picked up A rough looking JBL D120F today, couldn't resist Always been a JBL fan. It was $80 Can, or about $62 US It looks like it's been reconed with an E120 kit which I believe is the only kit currently available for these unless you have some old stock. Works great.

Put it in my stereo guitar amp for kicks, then to compound things I put the JBL D123 I had in it's place in the other position. Going to play it at rehearsal tomorrow night. Sounds good at apartment volume.

As together they add about 20 lbs (45-65 lbs!) to the amp I think the D120F will end up living in one of my stay at home deluxe builds.

They sure do sound great though


Wheels of some sort would be a good idea.

That or a roadie.

That ought to sound great!


Heavy, yes, but JBLs are fantastic speakers. Did you notice any increase in volume with two JBLs?


haha The amp has castors already! I like wheels. I was thinking of applying for the patent on the wheel!

I agree, JBLs are fantastic. I was testing a few speakers vs each other in my Deluxe reverb build. I had everything marked with tape and the mike stand never moved. I tried- - an old Alnico Rola 12" Not especially efficient but pretty sounding - A JBL D123 - Even prettier sounding (more top and bottom) and a fair bit louder - A Eminence Lil Texas (too be fair probably not broken in) - Maybe even louder than The D123 but darker with kind of harsh klangy upper mids the other speakers made it seem uncouth. Though it is only 4 lbs - D120f (reconed) Loudest one and very nice sounding, the D123 had a slightly prettier top end, but the reconed D120F was still very nice. Big ,clean and clear. Can't wait to try it out loud with my pop/rock trio.

I'm tempted to put both the D123s I have in this amp and who cares about the weight!


I am a fan and have (thanks to Powdog) a JBL 10 in one of my Thomas Vox Pathfinders. Worth the weight...

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