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how hip is Boss BF 2 flanger


I just came into one, unexpectedly. Think I would rathe have CE 2 chorus. Still out in the Big World of Vintage Pedals that I know nothing about, how cool are these ?


Oh, I don't think it's considered one of the hip collectible Boss pedals. If it's very early and made in Japan, maybe more so. But I don't think it's flangification is considered particularly special or classic. Industry-standard flanging.

Flangers have to have tons of options and go well beyond the usual use cases before I get interested - and that one doesn't. It's not as highly esteemed as the CE-2, which is considered a classic for its sound (other than just having been made by Boss and therefore now considered cool by kids who weren't around when it was introduced).


my least favorite flanger and I love old boss pedals, as it has a very distinct metallic 80's edge. I of course am biased as I love the Ibanez FL-9 flanger. Ive got an original and a repro w tru-by. The static comb filter ability is one of its great features and an ability to hit almost that zero point crossing as well. ala Are you going my way, Lenny Kravitz ps. If you like the police remember that Andy Summers was NOT using a chorus on "Walking on the Moon" but an electric mistress flanger by EHX.


Thx for info -- I would not know a good flange from bad. I will probably just get a recent Boss chorus and things should be fine.

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