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how efficient are JBLs, D series


I was thinking of the classic D series, but I think there's also E and K series ones later. But compared to other speakers of that vintage and compared to Speakers of the Modern World, where do they fall ?

Had wondered if they could even be used to any advantage in a low power amp, ie these 6 and 12 watt Thomas Vox Pathfinders I have collected up


I don't know the exact specs on them, but I believe that JBL/Altec speakers would be very efficient. I se an Altec 15" with my AC15 on occasion, and it worked well. An efficient speaker would get the most out of a low powered amp.


Very very efficient. And clean.

The E-130 is rated (sensitivity) at 105db 1w/1m. That is very efficient. I would think the D-130 is comparable.

The Weber Hi-Power California series is supposed to be comparable. I have a 4 ohm 10" California powered by a Fender Bronco/Vibro Champ with 10JJ 6V6. Gets a pretty good level for 6 watts.


I have a JBL D130 in my Standel 25L15 ("new", not vintage). It is as Don Birchett said VERY efficient and VERY clean. Trivia -- The D130 is labeled at 16 ohms but it is actually 8 ohms.

My understanding has been that the D130 and E130 were the same, that the E130's were labeled for Fender amps.


E130=Ceramic D130=Alnico

D130F had special treatment that allowed it to last with Fender's amplifier and particularly with Dick Dale. The D-130 was originally rated for 20 watts, then 30, then 50.


Thanks for all the info. Might start trolling for a D-110, but I bet hard to find 4 ohms, for my SS Pathfinder Still it's so loud (for me) a little cut using a 8 ohm ... I can live w/ that. All Fender amps that had stock JBLs have been raided by this time, but it used to be a great place to find them.. although I never partook in JBL raids on SuperReverbs, Showmans, Twins, etc.


I don't think you'll find a D110 in 4 ohms. I used to have eight 8 ohm ones, but I recently sold them. They're loud alright, so loud I wouldn't use them to make an amp less loud, even if you're counting on some efficiency loss from the ohmage switcharoo.


D's and K's I think were the same except for the cambric surrounds on the K's. E series had ceramic magnets. Hardly any of them still have the original cones, but originally, D-series were better for tube amps because of the stiff surround. Tube guitar amps have almost no damping and like to push against the surround. Solid-State amps have very high damping factors and prefer the high-compliance cambric surrounds. Efficiency as well as sound varies radically when JBL's are reconed with non-original type cone kits. D-series cone kits have been unavailable for many many years, and K kits have been unavailable for many years. Aftermarket kits all suck for one reason or another. Original JBL's were louder with 20 watts than normal speakers were with 50 watts, besides sounding better. They were the best speakers ever for vocals.


Well I still may troll for an original D110 and experiment. I guess no one thinks it's worthwhile to make recone kits for the old JBLs.


Well I still may troll for an original D110 and experiment. I guess no one thinks it's worthwhile to make recone kits for the old JBLs.

– DCBirdMan

You might try Sound Speaker Repair... http://www.soundspeakerrepa...

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