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Hot rodding a Fender Bassman 10


From the east.


Seeing action last night in Reno


To quote George T, that's bad to the bone.


Seeing action last night in Reno

– Powdog

Nice to see your work in action.


Nice to that old Bassman chassis I came across, out there making sonic mayhem. Still working on getting another one to you.


The circuit board and chassis are both from a super reverb. I had one that I converted into a Super reverb. Took the trapezoid speaker out and mage it a 4 x 10. The serial # had a "B" stamped after the original serial # which was for a '64 SR.


As a final note, I made a few more changes before sending the amp out. I was getting some crossover/blocking distortion which I guess is fairly common in late SF to BF conversions. Pedals made it worse.

It’s a very sweet amp now. The stock Bassman Ten is a pretty lousy guitar amp, but with some changes it’s just the cats ass.

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