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hey Oahu dudes


Saw this up close @ local GC. It's clean... back side and control panel is good, has period blue Jensen 12, code shows 220-011 they say.Prob needs servicing bad, (has original 2 prong cord).

I should have checked tubes but would bet anything it's a single 6V6 and octals. Will check it out again if anyone seriously interested.

Seemed like a decent price and w/ a store full of Line 6 and Peavey modeling amps, it's nothing anyone knows anything about or really gives a damn about. Price seems better than others out there.

I think Oahu started independently but then became part of Valco?



That has the same fridge handle my old 6163 had.


The Valco connection, of course. Still cool piece.


I have one of these. It too is badly in needed of a cap job and maintenance.


oahu had something of a limited comeback...

here's example & the story


i remember keith bought them to give to his pals... johnny depp got one

1 10" speaker and 2 el84s...great combo...like a vox tube pacemaker!! hah


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