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hey (gigging) vintage amp dudes


I have always used Fender Amps. Deluxe Reverbs and a Vibroverb Reissue. I also have a Music Man 210-65. One night I was playing the Music Man but could not get any volume out of it. I switched channels, went from 1/2 power to full, cranked it, etc. Nothing worked. Then the other guitar player said, "Uh, Don. Doesn't that have a master volume"?


Master Volume was on 1 or less. Turned it up a little and had all the volume I could want.

Vintage amps worked fine once I account for operator error!


Still gigging a '69 Traynor YBA-1 Bassmaster head into a 1x12 (Eminence Wizard) -- although I must admit to keeping a Roland Cube in the back of the car 'just in case'.

Recently I bought a Fender Blues Deluxe so the Traynor is looking at a well-earned retirement, whether it wants/needs it or not. However, the Roland Cube will remain in the back of the car 'just in case'.


I use an Allen Encore from about 2006? Had problems a few years back with it cutting out. I really had to work to figure it out. It turned out to be FOUR different things. 1. Wireless output was intermittent. 2. George L’s cable was intermittent. 3. Box of rock switches were intermittent. 4. Power tube sockets were dirty. Just did a big outdoor gig and when I turned on the amp it sounded awful and made loud crackling noises. Used my Quilter Pro Block 200 through the Allen speaker. I think the power tubes are bad so I need to replace them. New power tubes are not as good as the American NOS I used to get. The Quilter gives me piece of mind.

On another note, I am working with Ethan of Cave Valley to make a new baffle for my Victoria 35-310 and convert it to a 15” Celestion Fullback. This should make it a more versatile rock amp. Plus, for my Elvis act, playing my ‘55 6120 reissue through the Victoria with a 15” speaker should give me a big rhythm sound.

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