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Help 1968 standel


This is going to more than likely make me seem dumb but, I have a serious question.. I have a 1968? standel model AM48S . I have looked for days everywhere I can think to look for more info on this thing, unsuccessful of course except the manual download. All I do know is the numbers on the back, and it says acoustic magnifier on the front. And this thing is ridiculously huge! I am clueless about this type of thing, any help would be extremely appreciated!!! Also have a "kustom" amp, says 150 on the front and has 10 knobs .. Again, clueless, and a fender bassman 60.. Again, ANY INFO would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.


Photos would help. Plus, we have a Standel player, Richard Hudson, who happens to be an Sooner.


I have a Standel (25L15) but never heard of this model. HOWEVER -- "acoustic magnifiers" are basically extension speaker cabs with a build in amp to boost the signal. They are intended for live performances where more volume and coverage is required. They were not, to my knowledge, intended as stand-alone amps.

You can find some general information here: http://www.standelamps.com/

The web site is out of date, but you can find some info on acoustic magnifiers.

Your best bet may simply be to call Danny McKinney (info under "contact us"). You can also find good information in the Standel Group on Facebook.


I have a Standel very similar to that, but it would be the master amp. Unfortunately, it emits a horrible buzz and the circuit board has been covered in coloured epoxy to prevent it being reverse engineered... or repaired.

These era Standels were mass produced solid state amps. Pretty good sounding but not the classic tube amps everyone covets.

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