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Heads up an a very clean stereo Magnatone 280


I'm still eaten up with finding world's cleanest 213 or 210 or even a kool 410


I had a 410 once. It was kind of cute for what it was but kind of under powered. Basically a Vibro Champ with a tweeter and better vibrato. It did sound nice for a bedroom amp but my favorite designs are the 213, 413, 260 and 280 models. I sold my 410 a few years ago. This was the demo video I put on Youtube. When you cranked it it sounded a bit fizzy with the tweeter engaged and there wasn't a lot of bass to be had for overdrive....but I liked the tweeter sound when playing clean so I left it in the circuit:


Look farther down on the page. There's a 1950s-ish Gretsch amp---maybe a 6163---for $150 or so.


Somebody snapped up that stereo Magnatone/Titano. I knew that wouldn't last long at that price.


Vibro Champ power thru a 12" is rare. There will be never be much bass out of 5 watters... and for me the cleaner there better.


A Magnatone 213 or 413 is basically similar to a tweed Deluxe with nice Reverb. They are a bit thick sounding clean and they overdrive really nice. The clean sounds aren't really blackface. More mids. The bass is in a good place. I love them. A 260 is the perfect band amp. Something like a tweed low power Twin. And yeah I have a pair of 280s for that stereo fun and recording. The suitcase Magnatone I don't like as much. Unwieldy and heavy. Also I'm not a fan of Ultralinear design for overdrive tone. Still I have one.


You're so right. The 260 is one of those perfect sounding amps. I much prefer the mono vibrato too.


If I had to choose one model Magnatone to have it would be the 260. It's got enough power to gig in a band with, uses easy to obtain tubes, and is house friendly. The 13 series amps are great for home and recording...but it a band setting you will need to mic them to the PA.

If you take 280 and turn it to "stereo" and use two extension speakers separated a lot and facing you while you stand in the middle of it, the sound is unworldly with all this phasing going on and pitch shifting. Might be cool to record with....but in a band setting it isn't as practical. They have less headroom because a lot of the design sacrifices power and headroom to achieve the stereo effect. Fun to have for that one trick....but a 260 is more practical.

As for the ones later with reverb, for some reason a lot of them seem to have noise or reliability issues. I have a 440 and a 450 that I like....but the suitcase amps have tinny sounding reverb usually.


Wildeman here, i have a question for you fellow Magnatone owners. I have a '59 280 that came to me with 6CZ5's, it works but the tubes seem to run hot. Ive heard some can use this tube but most want the unobtanium 6973. Now to my question, i've seen adapters for el84's and was wondering if anybody's tried them? Or should i spend 300 bux on some nos 6973's?


I'm still eaten up with finding world's cleanest 213 or 210 or even a kool 410

– DCBirdMan

Check this out. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Gi...

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